Kelly Dodd Gets Legal Help Over ‘WWHL’ Ambush: Tamra Judge Getting Slapped With A Lawsuit?

Kelly Dodd isn't one to apologize when she didn't think that she did anything wrong, which is her stance based on what happened on Watch What Happens Live this week. While Kelly was visiting with Andy Cohen, the show received some phone calls from people who had questions for Dodd. And while the callers had gotten through to the show by providing fake questions, they decided to confront Dodd with other questions once the show was live. After being on the show, Kelly realized that Tamra Judge may have played a role in these callers getting through and now, she's taking legal action.

According to a new tweet, Kelly Dodd is now revealing that she's been hacked and she's ready to take legal action. As it turns out, someone hacked Kelly's phone to steal pictures and text messages and it sounds like Dodd is taking it up with the fraud department. And she promises that the responsible people will face a lawsuit. Since Tamra Judge was encouraging the callers to get in front of Kelly on Watch What Happens Live, one has to wonder if she will be held responsible.

"Got my phone hacked with the fraud Dept. Going to get a private investigator and I'm going to sue & press charges!! Good luck Thunderdome," Kelly Dodd revealed on Twitter last night after learning that Tamra may have played a role in the Watch What Happens Live ambush, sharing that Tamra should have other things to worry about than bringing her down.

"Yes! It's sad there is better things we could be doing like helping others! It's sad people have this much hate in their hearts," Kelly Dodd added in response to a fan, who had reached out during this time.

Some fans were shocked when they learned what Dodd was dealing with behind closed doors. Apparently, someone was trying to make it look like Kelly's husband was cheating on her and they used a person from her life to make it seem like Dodd herself was cheating on her husband. And after watching Watch What Happens Live, one person is convinced that Shannon Beador's husband David was the one who called in.


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"Kelly!! That was Shannon's husband on the phone!! I SWEAR that's HIS VOICE!! I am listening NOW!! The "caller" on WWHL," one person predicted, sharing that David Beador may have been involved in the setup, while another wrote, "This is so sad. Neither of u would want your daughters to behave or have this done to them #RiseAbove #Forgive," to both Kelly and Tamra.

Dodd pointed to the Thunderdome in her tweet, which is supposedly an online group of bullies that will do anything and everything to make people look horrible. Kelly is convinced that this group was behind the hack, behind the calls to Watch What Happens Live and is getting plenty of support from Tamra Judge. While she didn't discuss this in her Bravo blog, she did reveal that her co-stars are cliquey women, who are out to get her.

"Lastly, I have learned that these mean, cliquey women have at least one thing in common; they all have no reservations about confronting people. They like to get in your face and assert their self-perceived dominance. Just because you have the balls to confront somebody doesn't mean your should. Especially since Vicki, Meghan and I will not cower to bullies," Kelly Dodd wrote in her blog for this week's finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Kelly Dodd being hacked? Do you think Tamra had anything to do with her being hacked or do you think she was just encouraging it to happen?

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