October 31, 2017
Jenelle Evans Experiencing Health Issues After Birth Of Ensley Jolie Eason

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 said she was having some potentially major health issues after the birth of her third child, a baby girl named Ensley Jolie Eason. Evans said she had received three epidurals in her lifetime and feared she may have had some serious nerve damage after the last one. Evans then tweeted that the pain could be due to scar tissue and that it is time for her to begin her hardcore workout regime.

"After getting 3 epidurals in my lifetime... I think this third one got me good. still having nerve/back pain from delivering Ensley!"
Back in 2016, Jenelle suffered from a mysterious medical crisis. The Teen Mom 2 star even appeared on an episode of the medical show, The Doctors, to have a mystery illness diagnosed. On the episode, the mom-of-three said she was living with several issues for nearly two months and could not figure out the source of her ailments.
"Six weeks ago, everything was going great with my career, and then I just had to put everything on hold... I started having night sweats, severe anxiety, hot flashes, pelvic pain, joint pain, chest tightness, extreme back aches, and I have really shaky hands. I wake up in the middle of the night and my legs will be throbbing, like someone is hammering my kneecaps. I have abdominal pain, I can't eat anything, my appetite is gone, and I couldn't figure it out."
Well, Jenelle received her diagnosis. Evans visited Dr. Peter Weiss, an obstetrics and gynecology expert. Both Dr. Weiss and Dr. Pinzone appeared on The Doctors to deliver their diagnosis to Jenelle in front of a live studio audience.

Evans had recently switched her birth control pills and realized she had been experiencing marijuana withdrawal, according to the Daily Mail. Jenelle told Dr. Weiss that she had started taking a new birth control pill, called Junel.

"The simplest thing to do is to stop the pill. And when you stop the pill you'll let the levels come back to normal...Part of the problem that you had in the past, when they checked the estrogen levels when you're on the pill, it artificially lowers your own endogenous estrogen hormones so you're really measuring the birth control pill, so it really led you down the wrong path."

At the time of the show, Evans maintained that she had also discontinued her cannabis use because she's committed to regaining custody of her eldest son, Jace Evans.

Jenelle's most recent back pain didn't stop her from getting in on the Sneaky Vaunt bra craze. The bra was so popular online that several days ago, Jenelle Evans, shared a video of herself in a black Sneaky Vaunt as well, according to In Touch.

Kailyn Lowry of Teen Mom 2 hopped on the Sneaky Vaunt push-up bra train and boldly flaunted the strapless wonder on Instagram.
The brand new company praises the bra's ability to provide backless support for female breasts in addition to presenting the illusion of more cleavage.

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