Demi Moore Divorce Insiders Speak Up, Again Say Actress Is Mad About Mila

demi moore divorce delayed

Demi Moore’s divorce from Ashton Kutcher was first announced a year ago, but as of now, the pair are still legally wed.

Demi Moore’s divorce proceedings are still underway, and if you’ve ever been divorced (God bless you), you know that the massive amount of paperwork and legal mumbo jumbo to wade through is legion. Now multiply that by two successful Hollywood careers and an effload of assets, and we can surmise this isn’t some quicky number you can do over the internet. Poor Demi.

But as Demi Moore’s divorce case hits the one-year mark, a media narrative is emerging that we can’t help but speculate is based on yucky stereotypes about the end of a marriage being solely the tragedy of the abandoned wife. Moore, herself successful, gorgeous and legend in Hollywood, has no need of Ashton Kutcher to support her financially or keep her company.

And yet we still cling to the idea that — instead of Moore’s joint entanglements with the Punk’d star are more entangled than those of us who just have a Wii and $5 of loose change to fight over — the star is being intransigent to somehow lure her husband back from Mila Kunis.

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Demi Moore divorce insiders have been popping up all over, as we reported earlier, alleging the actress is so bitter over her lost love she is delaying proceedings — but we don’t believe it. RealityTV reports that each time the case moves forward, Moore “throws up another objection or demand.” Could it be, perhaps, that she’s amassed more wealth, capital and possessions through the course of her 30 year career and marriage prior to Bruce Willis?

Nah, she’s mad her boytoy moved on, the source says:

“… Demi sees things differently and she can not forgive Ashton for moving on so quickly to Mila and flaunting their relationship publicly. It’s a classic case of a woman scorned.”

While the Demi Moore divorce speculation is that she’s totes jelly of Kunis, we’d like to posit that she’s really just protecting her assets from Mr. Really Just On That 70s Show.