'Total War: Warhammer' News: Something Big Is Coming To The Total War Franchise

Mark Jason Alcala

A new Total War: Warhammer game could be revealed by developer Creative Assembly this coming Friday, March 31. However, it is likewise possible that what is coming may not be a Warhammer game but another historical Total War title or perhaps even some massive downloadable content for an already existing game.

Whatever it could be, something big is definitely being teased at the Total War website. The site's coming soon page displays a countdown which terminates by early Friday morning this week. And naturally, excited gamers are hoping that it may have something to do with their favorite game of the franchise. Total War: Warhammer gamers are hopeful that it could be another DLC or even its highly anticipated second game while players of the franchise' historical titles are also hopeful that Creative Assembly could be unveiling a new game after Total War: Attila.

Of course, the main cause of the uncertainty and thrill is developer Creative Assembly being mysterious about whatever is coming this Friday. Also, the Total War forum recently released an update of what its various development teams are doing at the moment. Apparently, the teams are hard at work on multiple projects that it is hard to guess which one is referred to by the countdown.

For instance, the Arena Team is busy fine tuning the upcoming strategy title Total War: Arena. At the moment, the title is still being tested in the closed Alpha stage. The team will be evaluating player feedback from the ongoing Alpha test and, if things pan out, a Closed Beta will follow. However, given the very early development stage of the upcoming title at the moment, it is highly unlikely that it is what is being teased by the countdown.

Meanwhile, the New Content Team has just recently released their handiwork. Last month, the team unleashed yet another Legendary Lord for the Vampire Counts, Isabella Von Carstein, previously reported by The Inquisitr. Also, the team was also responsible for that massive Total War: Warhammer DLC released last month upgrading Bretonnia into a fully playable race.

While another DLC might be too early to consider at this point, Total War: Warhammer players are still hopeful that the countdown could be referring to the particular strategy title of the franchise, a hope that Creative might be releasing something new about Warhammer. This optimism is not totally baseless at all as a team is actually working something about the title, as stated in the recent post.

The site's post revealed that the Warhammer Team is currently working on the second title of the Total War: Warhammer trilogy. While the post skipped on its details, it revealed that the game would be gigantic in scale with its own set of distinctive races that will carry their own playstyles. But is the second game of the trilogy the one to be revealed this Friday?

It seems that the clue to the riddle can also be found in the released updates in the forum. Currently, there are two teams working on a particular project simply called an unannounced Total War title. For instance, the Black Ops Task Team is tasked to investigate the possibility of additional stand-alone follow-ups or DLCs.

Meanwhile, it might be the right time to introduce a new historical game of the franchise as the last one, Total War: Atilla, was introduced back in 2015. Therefore it is not that surprising that Creative announced that the Historical Team is currently hard at work on the next Total War historical title, which is revealed to be in full production. Creative Assembly confirmed eye-catching combat animation, character design as well as the inclusion of famous personalities for the period chosen among the things to watch out for in the coming game. Could a new historical title be what the countdown is teasing?

That just might be the case. As observed by Gamespot, the background in the countdown page contains pyramid-like buildings that hints of a historical setting and definitely agrees with a Total War historical title.

However, all are speculations for now. Drop by later this week to confirm what content developer Creative Assembly will be introducing to the Total War franchise.

[Featured Image by Total War]