‘Justice League’ Trailer: What Can We Expect From This New DC Comic Movie?

The new Justice League trailer dropped yesterday, and as noted by the folks over at Comic Book, many online reviewers are singing its praises. After the disappointment of Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman and the somewhat indifferent reaction to Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. is definitely hoping for a lot more from its next Zack Snyder outing. So while it’s encouraging that the new trailer looks great, it’s a bit disturbing when we remember that the trailers for Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad looked awesome too.

So just what can we expect from the new Justice League movie? Well, the trailer itself suggests there’s a lot more action and a lot less introspection and brooding in this DC super teamup. There is also more humor in this film than there was in the ultra serious battle between Batman and Superman. No, it’s not going to be Guardians of the Galaxy funny, but at least it won’t be grim as death.

The point in the trailer where Barry Allen is sitting in the Batmobile and asking Bruce Wayne just what his superpower is, with Wayne responding that, “I’m rich” was certainly a lot funnier than anything we saw from him last time. We don’t want Batman to be delivering fourth wall quips like Deadpool, but a little human interaction would be nice.

On the other hand, the color palette for Justice League doesn’t seem to have changed drastically from Batman V Superman. Snyder likes things dark, so there are very few brightly lit daylight scenes in this trailer. Maybe the final film will have many more, but it seems unlikely. The brightest scene we see in this trailer features Wonder Woman kicking butt in what looks like a typical villain warehouse or abandoned building.

In fact, even those scenes that were in “daylight” still seem fairly dark. For instance, when Bruce Wayne/Batman rides his horse up on to the ridge and stares down at the village where he hopes to find Aquaman, blowing snow and winter lighting keep things from being really bright.

It’s also true that Superman isn’t in the trailer. But we already know that Henry Cavill was on set and filming, so Superman will return for this film. Yes – spoilers – Superman sort of died last time fighting Doomsday, but we all knew there was no way he would stay dead. No one in comic books – or comic book movies – ever stays in the grave.

However, even with all these somewhat grim indications that Zack Snyder’s directorial style and vision isn’t going to change tremendously in Justice League, over the last several months there have been indications that Warner Bros. and DC have made the decision to drop plan A and switch to a newly formulated plan B when it comes to their DC comic book movie franchise.

One slightly concerning thing about this trailer is that some of the CGI effects are not what they should be. For example, the character of Cyborg is not at all realistic – to the extent that a super cyborg fighting aliens can be realistic. On the other hand, it could be that the final post-production effects are not quite finished yet. He may look a lot better when the movie finally comes out.

Justice League and the films that follow it will never be carbon copies of Disney’s much brighter Marvel films, but it’s pretty clear that the bleak – almost hopeless – feel that we got from the previous films is going to be mitigated significantly in this revamped Justice League film. It’s probably one of the reasons the studio chose to reduce Justice League from two films to one.

[Featured Image by Warner Bros]