Wii U Receives Amazon Instant And YouTube Video Support

Nintendo Wii U Gets Video Partners

The Nintendo Wii U sold through a record number of pre-order units, and the system continues to remain a hot ticket item. With sales increasing for the Wii U, Nintendo on Thursday announced the release of Google YouTube and Amazon Instant Play Apps for the popular gaming console.

The new Google YouTube app doesn’t allow for GamePad viewing at this time; however, it does allow Nintendo Wii U owners to search for content and display video details. Users can then stream YouTube videos directly to their Wii U connected TV.

The Google YouTube app for Wii U allows for 1080P high definition viewing, a nice addition for the reasonably priced Wii U system.

Also throwing its considerable online video streaming power behind the Wii U is Amazon, which debuted its Amazon Instant platform for the Wii U app environment.

The Amazon platform brings with it more than 140,000 movies and TV episodes that can be purchased or rented and more than 30,000 movies and TV episodes that can be streamed through the Nintendo Wii U for Amazon Prime customers at a cost of just $79 per year.

While customers can simply search for content and display movie and TV information just like the Wii U YouTube app, it also allows users to watch videos directly through the gaming consoles 6.2-inch display found on the GamePad controller.

Both the YouTube and Amazon Instant apps are free to download; however, costs are associated with renting or buying Amazon movies or when subscribing to Amazon Prime service.

With publishers quickly jumping on board, it looks like the Nintendo Wii U is revving up to be another huge hit for Nintendo.