BTS, Fans, And Authorities Ensure Jimin’s Safety After Death Threats

Bandmates, BTS Army, and local security are standing beside BTS member Jimin after he became the target of malicious rumors and threats on social media.

K-pop group BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) has been the target of various malicious rumors and death threats on Twitter for the past days, Koreaboo reports. The malicious rumors about BTS, apparently, was started by a BTS hater called “Selja,” who goes by the Twitter handle @AinsleyPaisley.

Selja, who has since been suspended on Twitter, claimed that BTS members allegedly sexually assaulted a Brazilian fan. This was following BTS’ The Wings Tour stop in Brazil last March 19 to 20.

The rumors Selja has been spreading about BTS, however, are all proven baseless, since she started hurling the attacks after a series of hate posts about BTS members, saying that Jimin “deserved to die from dieting,” Jin “looked like he had down syndrome,” Namjoon is “the ugliest Korean,” that Taehyung was a pedophile, and Jungkook was a womanizer.

Following the attacks from Selja, however, a new BTS hater started to issue even more grotesque death threats to BTS, targeting member Jimin in particular. Before the said Twitter user @AntiBTSAnti was suspended, his profile photo depicted Jimin with comical blood on his face and a gun pointed at him, and a Twitter description that read:

We will kill Jimin and make him suffer

Some of the posts contain violent images, all alluding to Jimin’s imminent death in the next BTS concert.

@bts_bighit @BigHitEnt @hitmanb @pddogg @SlowRabbit_no1 Please notice this! And her name is Selja!

— Blue Jimin (@Windrealyn_77) March 26, 2017

But it looks like the death threats towards BTS and Jimin are just as baseless as Selja’s attacks. One of the threats addressed to Jimin from @AntiBTSAnti contained a photo of guns, which a google reverse image search proves to be a gun image taken from a French blog.

BTS fans, who call themselves the BTS Army, however, still felt the need to rally behind BTS and Jimin amidst the rumors and death threats being hurled towards the group. All Kpop reported that the BTS Army members were able to make the hashtag #ArmysWillProtectJimin trend worldwide on Twitter for hours following the hate posts from Selja and @AntiBTSAnti.

BTS is set to perform at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, on April 1 and 2, 2017 for their The Wings Tour. With the death threats running too close to the concert, BTS Army members alerted Honda Center authorities about the said threats towards Jimin. Honda Center assures fans that they are aware of the situation and will make sure that their security team is advised to look out for potential troublemakers.

BigHit and BTS has yet to comment about the malicious attacks and the death threats but with the thousands of BTS Army members standing behind the group despite the threats, BTS indeed is one lucky group to have such a loyal fan base.

After stopping at Chicago and Anaheim, the BTS The Wings Tour will continue to Bangkok, Jakarta, Manila, Hong Kong, Sydney, and various cities in Japan until July.

[Featured Image by BTS Official]