Challenge Accepted: Nintendo Takes On Real Cow-Milking Contest By A Dairy Farm

So you’ve seen the “Milk” game from 1-2 Switch—and so has dairy farm Billings Farm and Museum. And they have challenged Nintendo to a real cow-milking contest. Nintendo’s response? Challenge accepted.

Nintendo Switch released last March 3 with only a couple of games, including party game 1-2 Switch, which utilizes the Nintendo Switch’s various multiplayer functions. 1-2 Switch was met with different reviews but true to what the Nintendo Switch endeavored to bring to the table, the game was able to introduce some pretty innovative and fresh mini-games to co-op gaming.

Even John Cena is enjoying a 1-2 Switch game [Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Nintendo of America]
Even John Cena is enjoying a 1-2 Switch game [Image by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Nintendo of America]

The 1-2 Switch comes with 28 mini-games that you can play with your friends on the Nintendo Switch. One of these various quirky mini-games is “Milk,” where players must use gestures and specific buttons in the correct order to milk a virtual cow. The player to milk more jugs wins.

1-2 Switch game "Milk" [Image by Nintendo]
1-2 Switch game "Milk" [Image by Nintendo]

Apparently, this game has got a certain dairy farm scratching their heads. Slatereports that this week, a working dairy farm and agricultural museum in Woodstock, Vermont, called The Billings Farm and Museum sent an open letter to Nintendo, challenging them to a real cow-milking contest.

The Billings Farm and Museum posted their cow-milking challenge to Nintendo on their Facebook page after getting wind of the “Milk” game from 1-2 Switch. Their claim: cow-milking isn’t as easy as one-two-switch.
The Billings Farm and Museum’s open letter to Nintendo read as follows.

“Dear Nintendo,

“We’re one of New England’s premier living history museums. We’re writing because our farm staff recently saw the cow milking game for Nintendo Switch and decided that you’ve taken all the challenge out of milking. We have 30 prize-winning Jersey milking cows that we milk twice a day, and it is NEVER that easy. We also think that you guys look pretty slow.

“To this end, we’d like to set up some sort of challenge to pit our team against yours to see who can milk the fastest. If you accept, let us know and we can work out the details. The question is: Is your team brave enough?

“Thanks, Tom and Alayna”

Well, surprisingly, the farm’s tongue-in-cheek letter has reached Nintendo. And even more surprisingly, Nintendo is taking the farm on, commenting on the post, “Challenge accepted.”

A quick exchange between Nintendo and The Billings Farm and Museum at the comment section of the open letter reads as follows.

Nintendo: Challenge accepted!
Billings Farm and Museum: Bring it!
Nintendo: Booking flights now.
Billings Farm and Museum: Don’t forget your mud boots.
Nintendo: We’ll be ready.
Billings Farm and Museum: Good luck! We’ve been at this over a 100 years.
Nintendo: So have we!

Nintendo’s acceptance of the cow-milking challenge has, of course, sent fans crazy, and are clamoring for a video of the milk-off. Polygonhas reached out to representatives of both Billings Farm & Museum and Nintendo of America about the legitimacy of the upcoming milk-off and a Nintendo of America representative says “they’re actually going up there this week.”

Looks like we’ll be hearing more from this milk-off as Nintendo comes down to Vermont to take on The Billings Farm & Museum’s challenge.

The Billings Farm & Museum is a historic dairy farm and museum that was established back in 1983. The farm is home to jersey cows, draft horses, sheep, and oxen, and hosts a variety of tours and events for those wanting to check out the place. Whatever their intention for calling Nintendo out like that over the 1-2 Switch, we can’t be sure. But it looks like Nintendo is taking the bait.

Users at the NeoGAF forums are already doubling over in laughter about the whole thing and are imagining the Nintendo Switch team coming down to Vermont dressed in their best Nintendo Switch-playing outfits, ready to wrestle some virtual cows with the Billings Farm & Museum. And they’re already imagining a trailer of the milk-off between the dairy farm and Nintendo, a la The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Lon Lon Ranch from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Image by Nintendo]

“I think they are ready…
“Ready to know how they milked cows…
“100 years ago…”

Who are you betting for and against in the Nintendo versus Billings Farm & Museum milk-off?

[Featured Image by Nintendo]