Cucumber Song: Vegan Rapper Goes Viral Sharing 15 Health Benefits In Catchy Song


Who knew that a song about eating cucumbers would go viral?

Apparently, the man behind the entertaining yet educational tune – “Macka B.” – did not even know it was going to be such a big hit himself!

The 56-year-old reggae musician and rapper opened up about the now-viral “Cucumber (Cucumba)” song in a recent interview. This is not the first rap song that the self-proclaimed vegan and longtime vegetarian has created over the years. As seen on his official YouTube channel, he was made songs about quite a few other vegetables, fruits and healthy foods – including okra, kale, and pomegranate.

When asked why he thought the song about cucumbers went viral and was so popular, he credited the popularity of the vegetable itself.

“It’s not just cucumbers… I’ve spoken about all the vegetables. But the cucumber is the one that took off for the people because it’s so readily available and innocuous… You have to look at your food like medicine, and not worry about the taste all the time.”

Macka B credits the catchy lyrics of his vegetable songs – such as “Cucumber (Cucumba)” – to his early morning routine along with his “connection with the universe.” He claims that he wakes up very early in the morning “to wake up with the birds” and the lyrics “just come flooding at that time.”

Macka B starts off the song by focusing on the “very high number” of vitamins and minerals in cucumbers and the various benefits that you can get from the various properties within it.

  • Personal Care and Beauty: “Silica, hair and nails get longer”
  • Skincare: “Anti-wrinkle make you look younger”
  • Eyecare: “Put a slice on your eyes, take away the dryness revitalize”
  • Hygiene: “Cucumber can also help with bad breath, wash away the bacteria that cause the odor”
  • Skeletal System: “Other vitamins make your bones dem stronger”
  • Overall Human Body: “95% water, kidney cleanser, great hydrator, detox, fiber, good regulator”

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises and lessons learned from the “Cucumber” song was when Macka B emphasized the benefit of creating your own energy drink with a cucumber. According to the song lyrics, you can leave cucumber slices “in a jug of water overnight” and have an energy drink full of electrolytes “for a fraction of the price.”

An article published by SFGate claims that you can make a do-it-yourself sports drink of source naturally with the significant help of a cucumber. The report suggests juicing a ladre cucumber and mixing it with water. It even recommends adding lemon juice – another natural source of electrolytes – to boost the efficiency of the beverage. To sweeten the taste a bit, you could add a pinch of salt and natural sweetener, but this cucumber-based “energy drink” can reportedly keep your electrolytes balanced and your body hydrated.

Other studies and reports show that there were quite a few surprising benefits of cucumbers that Macka B did not add into his engaging and entertaining rap song. For instance, according to Care2 Healthy Living, including cucumbers into your well-balanced diet can reduce your risk of several different cancers and stabilize your blood pressure. Cucumbers can help you to flush out the toxins inside of your body and effectively dissolve kidney stones if used regularly. In addition to reduces cholesterol, cucumbers are great for diabetics because of the hormone included within them that helps pancreatic cells produce insulin.

Long before Macka B became a viral Internet star with “Cucumber (Cucumba),” he claims that he has always discussed the benefits of healthy foods for years. According to Vice, he first became a vegetarian at the age of 16 but did not become a vegan until he was 41. Back in 2008, he wrote a song called “Wha Me Eat” that listed everything vegans could eat to fight against the popular opinion that refusing to eat animal products means there is nothing left to eat.

“At first, I was just speaking about the benefits, but then I decided to put it into a rap… Ever since I started to rap, it just exploded and everybody seem to like it because it [is] really catchy. Even if people eat meat, they start to smile and think about the benefits. I’ve seen a lot of sickness going around… Prevention is better than cure.”

Macka B became a viral Internet star on social media and YouTube thanks to the “Cucumber (Cucumba)” song. However, perhaps the impact of the concept of his video will have a lasting impact on education and entertainment. The chances are that a lot more people will be interested in trying cucumber “energy drinks” and adding cucumbers to their diet plans. That opens the door for a multitude of learning opportunities when it comes to other overlooked items in the grocery store that could improve a person’s health and the quality of their life in general.

[Featured Image by Joern Pollex/Getty Images]