‘Pawn Stars’ Returns Soon! Is Chumlee Back? Who Will Only Return In ‘Cameos’?

Pawn Stars Season 14 stars on April 10! After nearly a year of wondering if there are going to be any major changes, we now know that Chumlee is back full time, as are Rick Harrison and Chum’s best pal Corey. Meanwhile, the “old man” Richard Harrison is only returning in a “reduced role.” The old man is finally getting that deserved break, and in the new season, will only be showing up in an occasional cameo. What else should we expect in the new season of Pawn Stars?

Another huge change is Chumlee’s role. In Pawn Stars Season 14, fans should expect a lot of “solo Chum.Inquisitr reported that Rick Harrison, the patriarch and owner of the pawn shop, is stepping back and allowing Chum to go crazy. How crazy can Chum go? We will finally find out. Chum says that Rick is letting him take over the reins and maybe taking the show into a new territory.

“Rick has finally taken the leash off and let me out on my own!”

In fact, Chumlee will have his own “storyline” this season. It took over 400 episodes and many seasons before Chumlee could venture out on his own. By allowing this much Chumlee face time, it is obvious Pawn Stars patriarch Rick Harrison is confident and comfortable that Chumlee represents his business.

Just a year ago, there was a lot of speculation on whether Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, would still be on the show. After his very public arrest for drugs and weapons, there were so many “Rip Chumlee” posts that the poor reality star had to delete his Instagram account.

Now, after a plea deal, the affable reality star told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that keeping close to his family and working hard is how he deals with the many temptations that Vegas has to offer.

“I’m working hard every day, staying close to my family… Look, Las Vegas is a fast town, and you can get caught up in – just hanging out after a late dinner at a bar can cause a person to stray from getting enough sleep or taking care of yourself.”

So what should we expect in the new season? Already, there have been some hints to what we should expect on Pawn Stars Season 14. At the end of January, Rick Harrison posted a photo of Marie Osmond on his Instagram, mentioning that he is filming with her. Currently, Marie Osmond, along with her brother Donny, have been performing at the Flamingo Hilton. The brother/sister duo once had their own television show. But Marie has other interests besides music. She is well known for her Marie Osmond dolls. Perhaps she is visiting the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawn Shop to talk dolls?

“Filmed a scene with the lovely @therealmarieosmond today! Stay tuned! #pawnstars”

Filmed a scene with the lovely @therealmarieosmond today! Stay tuned! #pawnstars

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Back in the early days of filming Pawn Stars Season 14, the show was in the headlines for selling the robin’s egg blue 1976 AMC Pacer, complete with flames, used in Wayne’s World. Party on! The pumped up Pawn Stars Wayne’s World car was sold for a world record for this type of vehicle–$37,400. Is there any chance that the season will chronicle the entire history of the famed car, from the flashback of when Rick purchased the car in Orlando, Florida, the restoration and finally, the historic Barrett-Jackson auction?

Did Danny and Kount’s Customs spruce up the historic car? As the new season of Counting Cars is also starting soon, it would be cool if both shows told their part in the historic restoration and sale of the Wayne’s World car!

Are you excited to see the the new season of Pawn Stars? Are you going to miss the old man? What do you think Chumlee will do in his new cameos?

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