Grandmother Banned From Flight For Touching Attendant’s Arm

Grandmother Banned From easyJet

A 62-year-old grandmother was recently banned from a flight after she allegedly touched an attendant’s arm, according to the Daily Mail.

Janet Kirby said she was stuck in Spain after getting banned from flying with easyJet after she touched a flight attendant’s arm in order to get the woman’s attention.

Of course, the easyJet employee sees things a bit differently. Instead of simply touching her arm, the attendant explained Kirby assaulted her by twisting her arm as she lined up to board her flight. As a result of the incident, the grandmother was banned from setting foot on the plane.

“To be accused of assaulting somebody just for touching them is absolutely ludicrous,” Kirby explained. “I couldn’t believe the way they reacted, the way they treated me was appalling. I have travelled all over the world and I have never been treated or spoken to like that in my life.”

The Telegraph explains that the altercation began over a luggage dispute. Kirby was reportedly stopped at the gate prior to boarding due to the size of her carry-on bag. Since the object in question was too big to fit into overhead compartments, easyJet employees stated she would have to check the luggage instead.

When Kirby noticed that other people were boarding with bags that were bigger than hers, she attempted to get the flight attendant’s attention by touching her arm. Clearly offended by the exchange, the employee said she was assaulted by the grandmother and promptly had her removed from the flight.

In a recent statement on the matter, easyJet said local police supported the attendant’s version of the story.

“The customer was declined travel following a confrontation with a staff member,” the company stated. “The decision was supported by police who witnessed the incident.”

Do you think the grandmother should have been banned from the flight if she only touched the flight attendant’s arm?