Angry 600 Pound Black Marlin Almost Wrecks Fishing Boat

Huge Black Marlin Almost Wrecks Fishing Boat

Many big game fisherman dream of landing the ultimate fish, but here is a tale that might even make the legendary Captain Quint from Jaws think twice. Recently, four fishermen on the Little Audrey found out the hard way what an angry 600 pound black marlin is capable of when it decides it doesn’t want to become a trophy on someone’s wall.

The men sailed out from Cairns, Australia, one fine day, with hopes of landing a memorable fish. The largest black marlin ever seen tipped the scales at 1700 pounds and reached a length of 15 feet, but even a 600 ponder is nothing to scoff over. The marlin is one of the ocean’s true fighters and packs the wallop of a runway truck, reaching a top speed of 80 miles per hour in the water.

Many fishermen can tell you about the hours long battles they fought with a determined black marlin. Fortunately for the fish, many of those battles, full of dozens of acrobatic, spectacular twisting leaps into the sky, ended in frustration for the anglers, when the line finally snapped and the marlin became the one that got away.

This particular marlin decided on a rather unexpected new strategy to escape his predicament. When the noble aquatic warrior realized his twists and dives were not doing the trick, he changed his tack, made a beeline for the Little Audrey, and leaped into the boat.

Black marlin have a bill like a spear and a desperate 600 pound specimen in your boat can be a lethal danger to life and limb. Lady Luck smiled upon the stunned anglers and no one was seriously injured before the marlin thought the better of the idea and dove back into the ocean to continue the fight.

The cameraman who filmed the incident was almost impaled by the monster’s bill and a crew member was smacked on the head by a piece of stairwell torn loose by the marlin, but that was the worst of it. Eventually the marlin was released to come back and attack another boat on another day.