Justin Bieber and Zayn Malik Bromance — Collaboration Would Be ‘Huge’

Justin Bieber is a fan of Zayn Malik’s music and a collaboration may be in the works.

The Sun reports that “JUSTIN BIEBER and ZAYN MALIK have formed a surprising new bromance – that looks set to result in them spending time in the studio together.”

“Justin is said to be a huge fan of Zayn’s new song with PARTYNEXTDOOR ‘Still Got Time.'”

Bieber even tweeted a link to Zayn’s latest song on Twitter. Justin reportedly would not do this for “just anyone.”

Justin Bieber has a large cohort of passionate followers who watch his every move, read his every word, and regularly get Bieber-related tags trending worldwide.

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To be fair, Zayn Malik himself is no slouch in the Twitter-follower department. The Directioner fan base is the only one that can rival the Beliebers in their ability to get topics trending worldwide and build excitement about rumors, controversies, new releases and similar topics.

After Zayn Malik left One Direction, some outlets like Elite Daily reported that Zayn lost a large number of followers. The outlet claims that Zayn’s fans began to unfollow him “dramatically” when he got involved in a Twitter fight with Louis Tomlinson.

“Zayn Malik might’ve thought the fans he gained through One Direction would stay with him for a lifetime, but Twitter just proved him wrong. When the former member of the band picked a Twitter battle with ex-bandmate Louis Tomlinson earlier today, however, his supporters were quick to hit ‘unfollow.'”

Zayn Malik still has an impressive 21.3 million Twitter followers today.

A source told The Sun that the Justin Bieber/Zayn Malik collaboration is not confirmed yet. Justin and Zayn are having “tentative discussions” about working on some music together.

Justin has reportedly complimented Zayn on his post-One Direction work, and the guys are staying in touch and getting along well.

The source told The Sun, “Justin has been really complimentary of Zayn’s new music and there have been tentative discussions about them working on something together. They are in touch and chatting about all sorts and getting on like a house on fire – Justin even retweeted a link to Zayn’s single on his Twitter which he doesn’t just do for anyone.”

The source urged fans to “watch this space” and said that the Bieber-Malik collaboration would be huge.

“It would be a huge collaboration if it happened so watch this space.”

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Zayn Malik is not the only famous person Bieber has been spending time with.

Some outlets report that the Purpose singer has revived his relationship with Kourtney Kardashian.

“There’s still a fire burning between Justin Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian!”

The pair caused a minor scandal when they started hooking up a couple of years ago.

Hollywood Life reports that that pair are still infatuated with each other.

Kourtney and Justin reportedly “meet up once or twice a week” in a secret location in the San Fernando Valley.

The pair are reportedly very into each other and very concerned that they don’t get caught.

A source said, “It’s a small house that Justin’s friend loans him. They both drive borrowed cars there so they don’t get caught. They just spend all day in bed. They can’t get enough of each other.”

Justin and Kourtney Kardashian apparently have great personal chemistry as well.

A source said that they “really connect on a soul level” and simply “get each other.”

“They can talk for hours on end… He makes her laugh and feel sexy and desired.”

Justin Bieber reportedly also hooked up with Kourtney’s sister Kendall Jenner at one point. Bieber received some criticism for hooking up with so many people from the same family.

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