Jennifer Lawrence Has Oscar And Higher Net Worth Than Boyfriend Darren Aronofsky

Jennifer Lawrence, who has once joked about her hymen growing back due to her long singledom, is now dating Darren Aronofsky. Despite the fact that she has an Oscar and much higher net worth than her boyfriend, their relationship is going swimmingly well. In fact, this past week, Darren introduced Jennifer to his son.

The 26-year-old actress revealed that she was dating the Black Swan director just before 2016 ended by appearing together in New York. Seeing how the last time she was on the dating rumor mill was with Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, it looks like she was ready to upgrade.

They met while working on Mother!, which will be released on October 13, 2017.

Ever since then, Jennifer Lawrence only had good things to say about the renowned director.

“He is a visionary,” she said, according to People Magazine.

While the couple has a 21-year age gap, the more successful one is definitely JLaw. Not only has she already won an Oscar — Darren has only received nominations — but she also has more than three times his net worth. While she rings in at $75 million, her boyfriend only gets up to around $22 million.

That has not stopped their romance from blossoming. Ever since they were caught “sharing a kiss” and showed signs of being “unable to keep their hands off one another” in New York last November, according to E! Online, they have been able to make the next steps in their relationship — introducing each other to their families.

“Jennifer Lawrence and her newest man Darren Aronofsky, 48, have apparently become close enough that she’s meeting his family,” reports Daily Mail. “The 26-year-old actress was spotted in New York City on Tuesday walking with Darren’s 10-year-old son Henry, the only child of the Black Swan director. J-Law, as she’s often called, had wrapped herself up in a stylish black leather coat with wide white lapels and gold-colored zips streaking down the sides.”

That doesn’t mean that Jennifer is the only one putting effort into dating. The Black Swan director went all the way to eastern Europe to visit her while she was tied down due to her busy filming schedule.

“Darren visited Jen in Budapest while she was filming Red Sparrow recently,” the source confided according to Daily Mail. “He was there during his birthday and to support her while she was away filming. They are very happy together right now.”

The son that Jennifer got to meet this month is the result of his previous relationship with Rachel Weisz, who has now been married to Daniel Craig since 2011. Seeing how children are a sensitive issue around divorce and remarriages, it looks like the Oscar-nominated director has a good feeling about his latest girlfriend.

One thing that may get in the way of the Oscar winner and nominee is their hectic Hollywood schedules. During one of the interviews she gave during the Passengers press tour, JLaw confessed that she is “so booked up for the next few years that there is no time,” according to Mirror UK. Darren, on the other hand, is also engaged with producing White Boy Rick, which has the release date in 2018, starring Matthew McConaughey and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

The fact that they are booked up all through the next few years means that they will continue to increase their chances of getting another Oscar nominations, as well as building on their net worth. But they also may do this at the cost of putting their dating life on the line.

Do you think Jen’s relationship with Darren Aronofsky will last? Or do you think her busy schedule will get in the way? Let us know in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Jimmy Olsen/AP Images]