Helen Mirren Grabs Jessica Biel’s Breasts At Hitchcock Premiere [Photo]

Helen Mirren and Jessica Biel

It seems the shower scene wasn’t the only sexy thing to hit the premier of Hitchcock last night at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California. Helen Mirren, one of Jessica Biel’s co-stars from the movie grabbed Jessica Biel’s breast while the two were standing outside on the red carpet. While many in attendance said it was nothing, there were some among us that were hoping Scarlett Johanson was next.

Biel showed up to the event wearing a flattering black backless Gucci dress which showed off plenty of side boob. This is in sharp contrast to when she showed up to trhe Hitchcock premier in New York City wearing an atrocious silver pant suit, for which she was roundly criticized.

Biel Pant Suit

Right after the boob grabbing incident, Biel tweeted to her fans:

“Lemme tell you about my girl crush on these two… Helen and Toni! #hitchcock,”

She attached the pictures of Mirren grabbing her breasts to the tweet.

Jessica Biel has been making news for much more than her movie career lately. The star just married husband Justin Timberlake recently in a super secret but super flashy wedding in the heart of Italy a month or so ago.

Biel and Timberlake are one of Hollywood’s most talked about couples. Biel recently opened up to Us Weekly about her honeymoon with Timberlake where they went on a safari in Tanzania.

Speaking of the trip she said:

“It was like heaven. It was the most beautiful thing.”

What do you think about the groping Jessica Biel got at the hands of Helen Mirren?