Amber Heard Bisexual: Johnny Depp May Not Have Liked It But Does Hollywood Care?

Shaunee Flowers

In case you hadn't heard, Amber Heard is bisexual and recently, the starlet opened up about how she was warned to keep her sexual identity to herself in fear of the news hurting her career. Based on the number of bisexual celebrities who are still successful in Hollywood, it's safe to say that Amber's bisexuality probably won't hurt her career despite the warning otherwise. What it probably did hurt was her now-defunct marriage to Johnny Depp.

First things first, Amber Heard's bisexual status certainly wasn't a reason for the alleged abuse that Amber suffered at the hands of her ex-husband, Johnny Depp. However, there are reports, including this one from Zimbio that suggest Depp may have really taken issue with Amber Heard being bisexual. Not because he is homophobic or because he didn't want a bisexual wife. In many cases, that is a man's dream to marry a woman who likes other women. Especially if she might be interested in sharing them, but that is not the point.

Amber Heard came out as bisexual back in 2010 so her sexual identity is rather old news. That didn't stop Johnny Depp's ex-wife from talking about her resistance to hide who she is even though many warned her not to be so open about her sexuality.

"Well, I always say in response — when I hear someone comment about me coming out, I think it's funny because I was never in," Amber said about being bisexual. "In part because I was very stubborn, I guess, and also in part because I just didn't feel it was wrong."

"I was always out. I was an activist. I went to protests. I refused to not bring my partner at the time, but no one ever asked me about it."

Amber Heard said that her team warned her not to come out as bisexual because it would ruin her career. She ignored them and something amazing happened, her career has flourished just like many other bisexual women in Hollywood who don't hide who they are. Big names like Megan Fox, Evan Rachel Wood, and Anna Paquin have also shared that they are bisexual actresses who have led very successful Hollywood careers. All of them have dated men and women and have even ben married to famous men. It really seems that the biggest hurdle that Amber Heard had to overcome with her bisexuality was the jealousy that it allegedly caused in her marriage to Johnny Depp, which ended in the most unfortunate way with accusations of mental and physical abuse, restraining orders and a lot of bad press.

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