Nick Viall Responds To William Shatner’s Hate Tweets To Destroy ‘DWTS’ Chances

Nick Viall responds to damaging tweets

The Bachelor season has ended and Nick Viall has moved on to his next reality television role, Dancing With the Stars. Nick fans are excited to see the newly engaged Bachelor dance, but there are still Viall haters in full force, including one popular celebrity.

William Shatner started a war against Nick on Twitter vowing to get him kicked off DWTS as soon as possible. Nick is speaking out about the hateful tweets against him and remaining classy despite Shatner’s obvious dislike for Viall.

TEAM BABY GOT BACH… is ready for Monday night !! Well these 3 are.. I'm terrified! I think we make a pretty great team. #teambabygotbach #dwts #thebachelor

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William Shatner’s goal to get Nick booted off Dancing With the Stars as soon as possible began making headlines when Shatner kept saying “anyone but Nick.” The hate didn’t stop there. When a fan asked Shatner why nobody should vote for Nick, he responded with, “He lives up to the homonym of his last name.”

Shatner didn’t stop the hate with just one tweet either, he repeatedly encouraged fans to vote against Nick. Another tweet Shatner sent out said, “Are you all still not voting for Nick? #dwts #BachelorNation?” When a fan said Nick deserved a second chance Shatner replied, “Leopards don’t change their spots. Don’t be surprised if he shows up again on paradise. I won’t be.”

Extra caught up with Nick and his pro dancing partner, Peta Murgatroyd, to ask them both about Shatner’s mean tweets against Viall. At first the only response from Nick was a reply tweet to Shatner with a sad face emoji.

Now Nick is speaking up about the hate and says, “It was heartbreaking because I am his biggest fan. Who doesn’t like Captain Kirk? Also a big ‘T.J. Hooker’ fan — that’s some of his best work. It’s heartbreaking, to be honest. The show must go on. We’re gonna do our best, and it’s up to William to come around or not.”

Murgatroyd followed Nick’s response by saying, “I’m gonna make him love you by the end of this for sure.” The dancing partners shared that there is an open invitation for Shatner to attend the show. Nick even said that perhaps one day the two can sit over coffee and work out their differences. Nick and Peta danced the cha cha for their first performance and nailed it with a score of 24.

As for Shatner, he is slowly coming around. Shatner went back to Twitter a few days following his initial hate tweets and said, “Hey @viallnicholas28 Will you accept this ☮️????? As a Dad w/ daughters I’m not happy w/ what you’ve done in the past Maybe you’ve matured now?”

Nick replied with, “Always been a fan on this end Captain!! Happy Belated Birthday.”

Another tweet from Shatner surfaced as well after Tom Bergeron tweeted that peace was coming. William replied, “Saw Nick Viall dance. He can really dance. I hope he’s as good a lover.”

Julianne Hough, being a huge Bachelor fan, also spoke up about the hate against Viall. Hough told Entertainment Tonight, “Everybody should have a fair platform in front of them to do the best that they can do for the show. Again, that’s why I like this show, because it kind of gives people a chance to show their character and who they are. I’m rooting for everybody. I love everyone!”

So much fun getting back home with this one. Back to LA! Need to fine tune my ???? moves.

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If anyone missed the season finale of The Bachelor, Nick proposed to special education teacher Vanessa Grimaldi and offered her his final rose. The fourth time on the franchise appears to have been winning appearance. Vanessa said yes and so far the two are going strong.

Do you think their relationship can survive Nick’s time on DWTS? Nick and new mom Peta will be showing off their skills and dancing to the Foxtrot on Monday nights competition.

Stay tuned for more updates on Nick and Vanessa and Bachelor nation’s new Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay. Rachel’s season has already begun filming and will premiere on ABC in May.

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