Abraham Shakespeare: Murdered Millions Lotto Winner’s Story On TV One Doc


Abraham Shakespeare, the murdered Florida lotto winner who was found dead and buried in the backyard of his former lover, Dee Dee Moore, will have his case featured on another crime show. This time, TV One will air the tragic story of money and murder on their hit show Justice By Any Means.

TV One‘s episode based on Abraham Shakespeare’s story is titled, “Greg Smith.” In case you are wondering, Greg Smith is the man who helped police find his missing friend’s body. He also set up Shakespeare’s lover, Dee Dee More. Although, the murder of Abraham Shakespeare has been the basis for many crimes shows due to the shocking and twisted elements of the case, Justice By Any Means will tell the story from the perspective of Greg Smith, a barbershop owner and former friend.

Justice By Any Means: Odd Jobs Laborer Hits The Lotto

According to Greg Smith, Abraham Shakespeare was always ready to help out around the barbershop there in Lakeland, Florida. Doing odd jobs, such as sweeping, mopping, and handling other odd tasks, Abraham Shakespeare was definitely someone he could depend on. But all became quiet around the barbershop when Abraham suddenly stopped coming in.

According to what Greg Smith told Crime Watch Daily, why Abraham had stopped coming to the barbershop became clear after he showed up in a fancy black BMW. Abraham Shakespeare had won a whopping $30,000 million in the lottery, so he wouldn’t be cleaning up for Greg Smith any longer. The two men laughed about it all. But looking back, Greg Smith didn’t realize that his longtime friend would be murdered over that money, and that he would be at the center of the investigation and the state’s star witness.

Abraham Shakespeare And His Deadly Dee Dee

In reality, Abraham Shakespeare didn’t know anything about how to handle that amount of money. And it overwhelmed him. But when Dee Dee Moore, sexy blonde woman came into his life, Abraham Shakespeare became smitten. Of course, Dee Dee Moore approached him under the guise of writing a book about his life, then she offered to handle his finances.

But prosecutors say she convinced Abraham Shakespeare to trust her and then murdered him for the cash. Slowly but surely, Abraham started losing control of his life and his money. The situation had become so bad that he no longer had access to his own money. What poor Abraham didn’t know was that it was all part of a twisted scheme to swindle his lotto winnings from him.

On Justice By Any Means, Greg Smith will discuss how no one trusted Dee Dee when she came around. It was very weird that this woman would suddenly take an interest in him. Abraham Shakespeare’s mother, who had told him the money was cursed, didn’t trust Dee Dee, either. Ultimately, Greg Smith admitted that he also became friends with Dee Dee.

Missing Man’s Good Luck Leads To Unlucky Death

Dee Dee Moore had a power over men. She even offered Greg Smith, the same friend of Abraham Shakespeare, a large sum of cash to call his mother to pretend to be him. When Shakespeare’s mother, Elizabeth Walker, received the eerie phone call, she knew it wasn’t her son. Then a mysterious letter turned up. But Shakespeare couldn’t read or write. Who was going to such lengths to fool everyone? Police say it was Dorice Dee Dee Moore. The goal was to trick everyone into believing that Shakespeare was still alive after he vanished without a trace in April 2009.

For months, Dee Dee continued to cook up the most bizarre stories about Abraham Shakespeare’s whereabouts. He was in Jamaica. He was in another part of Florida. He had even traveled to Puerto Rico to get away from people because they kept asking for his money.

The truth was Dee Dee, a manipulative scammer, murdered him and buried him in the backyard of her lavish ranch-style home. An autopsy report stated that the victim had been shot twice in the chest, ABC News reported.

And that wasn’t all. Dee Dee had even offered Greg Smith money to help her find someone to get rid of Abraham Shakespeare’s body. Instead, Greg Smith became an informant for the police and helped them find Abraham’s dead body in 2010. Authorities struck gold when they obtained Dee Dee Moore’s voice on tape talking about getting rid of the body.

Dee Dee Moore was found guilty of the murder and sentenced to prison for life. There is so much more to the story. And it would seem that Abraham Shakespeare was just destined for doom.

Abraham Shakespeare’s friend and coworker, Michael Ford, accused him of stealing that lotto ticket. Many believed that it was possible that Abraham Shakespeare had stolen it based on his prior history. Michael Ford took Abraham to court. The local news covered the case. In the end, a court ruled that Shakespeare had not stolen the ticket.

Here is what Abraham Shakespeare told The Ledger back in 2007.

“He came to my house two days later and said people had been talking to him on the job and told him he had a case. When he brought up the word court, I backed away from him. I told him I don’t owe him nothing. I told him if you feel like you have a case go on to court.That guy used to be a real good friend of mine. If he only waited, I could’ve given him $250,000 easy. If Ford is successful in getting some of the money, he won’t be prosperous. The Lord knows he doesn’t deserve it. It’s like dirty money. That money wasn’t meant for him, it was meant for me.”

Greg Smith never imagined that his friend was dead. The most he suspected was that Abraham was hiding from Dee Dee, he told Crime Watch Daily. Watch how police unravel this sinister tale of betrayal and murder on Justice By Any Means this Monday at 9 p.m.on TV One. Arthur Neal Jr., was another lottery winner who was murdered.

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