Cracker Barrel: Brad Gives Update, Theories Surface On Why His Wife Was Fired

Patrons leave a Cracker Barrel restaurant and store in South Portland, Maine

The Cracker Barrel and Brad Byrd drama continues. Three days after People Magazine first shared the Cracker Barrel drama over Brad Byrd’s wife, Nanette, getting fired, hashtags continue to surface on social media and people continue to demand why Brad’s wife got fired. Brad took to his Facebook page today to give internet trolls an update and to answer a few burning questions about his wife and the Cracker Barrel situation. Theories have also begun to surface online about why Brad’s wife may have been fired after working at Cracker Barrel for over a decade.

Bradley Reid Byrd posted an update on his personal Facebook account this morning to let supporters of his wife know that they are real people, and his wife really did get fired from Cracker Barrel in Corydon, Indiana. Brad, from Milltown, Indiana, in Harrison County, also answered a few questions that have been asked across social media since the story of his wife’s mysterious firing came to the attention of news media on Wednesday. The Inquisitr shared three days ago, in a post that has since gone viral, that a woman — Brad’s wife — was fired from Cracker Barrel after working there for 11 years, and now people want to know why Brad’s wife got fired.

Brad leaves review of Cracker Barrel Corydon location

YouTube personality and comedian Amiri King originally sent the Cracker Barrel and Brad Byrd social media story into a tailspin on Tuesday. King shared on his own personal Facebook page that people were trolling the Cracker Barrel Facebook page, following a post by Brad whose wife had worked there for 11 years and got fired on Brad’s birthday, which later was learned to have really been on Brad’s mother’s birthday, as also previously reported by the Inquisitr. With over two million followers, King’s post immediately went viral, and the hashtag #JusticeForBradsWife was born.

Cracker Barrel has since been under fire on their Facebook page from internet trolls demanding to know why Brad’s wife got fired. Harassment continues today on @crackerbarell, although several people have questioned whether or not the story of Brad and his wife is even real. While not tagging the Cracker Barrel Facebook page, Brad did give his own Facebook followers an update on his wife this morning, saying that “We are real. Yes. My wife was terminated. Yes. She had worked there for 11 years. NO. It was NOT on my birthday.”

“I hope this clears some things up. Oh yeah. NO we have NOT heard anything. I know that people are amused by this situation and hope you can understand that for us this a serious situation.”

Brad ended his Facebook update with hashtag #stillwaiting, because reportedly Cracker Barrel has not yet given Brad’s wife a reason why they fired her. Comments suggest that Cracker Barrel legally can’t tell anyone but Brad’s wife why she was fired, but theories have begun to surface online about why the “Old Country Store” let her go after so many years of loyal employment. One comment on Facebook from someone who says she used to be a female manager at Cracker Barrel suggested that Brad’s wife may have been fired for filing either a discrimination or harassment complaint, adding that Cracker Barrel “pretends to be against harassment and discrimination, but that is so far from the truth.”

Other comments from former Cracker Barrel employees on @peoplemag say that Cracker Barrel has a high turnover rate for employees, adding that “they were always watching you, always looking over your shoulder like you did something wrong or were trying to get over on them somehow.” One former Cracker Barrel employee said that her reason for being fired was complete nonsense, but she was relieved to be done with the stress, drama, and wrongdoings. Brad has only said that the Cracker Barrel “home office” fired his wife, with the only reason given was that she wasn’t working out — after 11 years.

Brad first took to his Facebook page nearly a month ago to air his grievances against Cracker Barrel for firing his wife, adding that he would “really like to know why” and that he “will find out.” That Facebook post, on February 27, encouraged people to go to Cracker Barrel’s Facebook page and ask why Brad’s wife got fired. Brad goes on to say that he “would really appreciate it.” Brad is currently followed by over 7,000 people on Facebook who managed to start a trolling frenzy on the Cracker Barrel Facebook page, that continues today, as WALB News shares that social media just wants #JusticeForBradsWife.

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