WWE News: AJ Styles Expected To Be Back In World Title Scene After WrestleMania

AJ Styles is set to take on WWE SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon at WrestleMania 33 after Styles attacked McMahon in a parking lot nearly two weeks ago, but could AJ be right back in the World Title scene soon? The match with Shane McMahon was kind of last minute for WWE, essentially. Shawn Michaels admitted that WWE did ask him if he would return to work with Styles on the grandest stage of them all, but he declined.

Meanwhile, Shane was going to work with Brock Lesnar but that was scrapped back in November when Goldberg agreed to work a few more events…included WrestleMania. That left both men without a match, which basically allowed WWE to put the two together pretty easily. With Shane being the commissioner of WWE SmackDown Live, it made sense that he might have an altercation with one of the stars of the program eventually.

AJ Styles felt cheated, as he never got his one on one rematch for the WWE Championship. Then he would work his way into the WWE Title match at WrestleMania when Randy Orton decided to give up his Royal Rumble winning right to challenge Bray Wyatt for the title. This pushed Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan to having a battle royal and eventually one on one match to determine who would take his spot.

AJ Styles Shane McMahon

AJ would get the win, then Randy wanted to get back in the match as he was trying to pull a fast one the whole time. The authority figures made a match where Orton ended up beating Styles. That made AJ Styles go nuts where he argued with Shane, then the following week he would attack him big time. This led to the match ultimately happening, however no stipulation has been added to the match as of now. That made many believe that AJ would end up winning.

Many people feel that AJ Styles deserved to main event WrestleMania after the amazing 2016 and early 2017 he had, but the WWE chose Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt to main event the blue brand side of things over AJ. Obviously, with fans loving Styles despite his affiliation as a heel, he would do very well drawing wise for most any event. In fact, WWE SmackDown Live has only improved ratings-wise due to the likes of AJ Styles.

According to Cageside Seats, now it appears WWE is planning to have AJ Styles resume his spot in the WWE World Title picture. There has been plans on the books for a World Title rivalry with Randy Orton and AJ Styles for some time, and some even assumed it could happen without a title being involved as well. John Cena vs. AJ Styles originally started with no championship being needed. It concluded with the World Title involved, but everyone knew there was no need for like with others.

AJ Styles, Ambrose, SD Live
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AJ Styles has proven numerous times now that he is one of the best in the world in the ring. What he can do as an in-ring performer rivals that of a Shawn Michaels and Ric Flair before him. This is quite difficult to do consistently, yet Styles has managed to do it on multiple occasions. JBL has made sure to reference this on the announce table whenever he could, and many think he pulled this thought out on his own without someone like Vince McMahon telling him to say it.

Much of the time, announcers are told to say things to hopefully shift the conversation to that subject or make people believe something that may or may not be true. When it comes to AJ Styles, fans are happy with his work and know that whether JBL was told to say what he said or not….he’s telling the truth. WWE is considering a possible babyface turn for Styles, but we should not expect this anytime soon.

It’ll be interesting to see how a heel commentator like JBL takes to AJ Styles if and when he turns. Thus far, the reason for a turn with Styles revolves around fan love he gets wherever he goes. WWE seems to be seeing a Daniel Bryan-like movement for AJ at this point, and it looks like they want to cash in on it as soon as possible. Many think if his popularity continues to grow like this, he could see the main event of WrestleMania 34 next year as fans would pretty much demand it. Meanwhile, at least for now fans know that AJ Styles will certainly be back in the main event picture very soon.

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