Mama June Breaks Down After Shocking Surgery, Throws Red Dress In The Garbage

"Mama" June Shannon has thrown out the red dress she was planning to wear to ex-husband Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson's wedding at the end of her dramatic weight loss journey. On Friday's episode of the reality star's new weight loss docu-drama Mama June: From Not To Hot, June had a breakdown following a particularly grueling skin removal procedure.

Mama June Weight Loss Surgery
Mama June shows a dramatically slimmer figure while consulting with her doctor following skin removal surgery. [Image by WEtv]

Mama June's dramatic weight loss from an original 350 lbs. down to a reported size four seemed to be going smoothly until last week's episode when the reality mom's stress eating and secret snacking saw her start to regain the weight. After a confrontation with her manager, Gina, it was decided to postpone the impending tummy tuck and breast augmentation for several weeks until June could get down to the 190 lbs. ordered by her doctor.

"Last few weeks, I've been lying to Kenya about sticking to my diet. I've really been stressed out and eating."
June's secret snacking came to a head when daughters Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson and Lauryn "Pumpkin" Shannon discovered her stash of candy in the house, causing her trainer, Kenya, to give June some tough love.
"I can't be more invested in this thing than you. This is your life."
Always one to have her mom's back, Alana, along with sister Pumpkin staged an intervention at the beginning of Friday's episode, pledging to help June lose the excess weight before her surgery. Alana accompanies June and Kenya on a bike ride, while the reality mom takes it on herself to attend a support group for overeaters. In a typically eloquent fashion, Pumpkin speaks of her support for her mom.
"We're going to be just like a bra. We're going to help her when she's sagging, and we're going to make her look as good as possible."
Mama June Shocking Weight Loss Surgery
Mama June has undergone several cosmetic procedures to aid in her weight loss journey. [Image by WEtv]

Thankfully, the help from her family paid off and although she was three pounds heavier than her doctor ordered, June says goodbye to her daughters and heads to LA where she will spend three weeks having several procedures.

Prior to leaving, June broke down at the prospect of leaving her kids for an extended period of time.

"This has been a long journey for me, and my kids are part of giving me a second chance in this whole transformation. I'm always emotional when I leave the girls. I'm going to be leaving them for three weeks, and going into this surgery without them by my side is going to be really hard."
Despite her initial excitement at having the long-awaited surgery, Mama June was considerably shocked when the doctor peeled back the bandages revealing scars on her back and arms
"My body looks like Frankenstein and I hate that I did this. At this point, I can't imagine going through another surgery."
Mama June Weight Loss Surgery Scars
Mama June has said that the surgeries associated with her weight loss are harder than she thought they would be. [Image by WEtv]

Fast-forward to several weeks after the surgery and Mama June still hasn't recovered from the sight of her cut up torso. June's manager Gina did her best to encourage the mother of four to go ahead with the second procedure, which would remove excess skin from her arms and neck, but her encouragement falls on deaf ears and June fires her.

Back in Georgia, after a series of heated phone calls with Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson's bride-to-be Jennifer Lamb, the stress of the situation becomes too much for June and she throws her red dress into the garbage.

"I could care less about the dress. I could care less about this wedding."

While the wedding of Sugar Bear and Jennifer Lamb took place in their Georgia backyard in January, details of the ceremony have been kept top secret, so those wanting to see how this drama unfolds will have to tune into Mama June: From Not To Hot 10 p.m. ET Friday's on WEtv.

[Featured Image by Johnathan Leibson/Getty Images]