Kelly Bensimon Says ‘RHONY’ Almost Cost Her The Ability To Provide For Girls

Kelly Bensimon RHONY

Kelly Bensimon hasn’t been on The Real Housewives of New York for years, but it sounds like she can’t escape her time on the show. While she was filming the show, she was working on her business, her work in the fashion industry, and even taking care of her children. But she made some comments about Bethenny Frankel that ultimately backfired. She wanted to explain that the two were indeed very different, but rather than use that word “different,” she told Bethenny that she was “up here” and Frankel was “down here.” This made it sound like Kelly was better than Frankel.

According to a new tweet, Kelly Bensimon is now revealing that her time on The Real Housewives of New York was rough and had a severe effect on her. During her final season of the show, she felt bullied, which she referred to as “systematic bullying.” While many people questioned her bullying claims, others fully supported her. Now, Bensimon is revealing that Bravo made a huge mistake with her and almost cost her the ability to care for her two children.

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“You WERE systematically BULLIED on RHONY, absolutely! No question in my mind… it was absolutely a disgraceful! Nolga,” one person wrote to Kelly Bensimon after watching this week’s Real Housewives of New York marathon on Bravo as the network gets ready for a new season in a few weeks.

Kelly replied, “You are SO sweet. #RHONY Bravo made a huge mistake & almost cost me my ability to provide for my girls.”

It’s uncertain what Kelly Bensimon means with this statement. It could be that Kelly really did suffer emotional damage after the trip to St. John’s, where the bullying took place. After she left the show, Kelly Bensimon focused on herself and her children. Now, a few years later, she’s ready to discuss what happened and wants to change the way women support one another.

“It’s important to take negative attention, and focus on women in need. Every woman deserves to care for herself. Donate tampons to pantries,” Kelly Bensimon replied to other followers who reached out to her.

Of course, the newest season is about to start, and Bensimon has made several appearances since leaving. She filmed one scene with Luann de Lesseps a few years ago, and Bethenny Frankel was upset with her return. But it is possible that Kelly Bensimon could be thinking about a return to the show. Jill Zarin will be making an appearance on the upcoming season, and fans are already predicting what will happen. But Bensimon wants the ladies to support one another.

Let's get 'crazy and scary' and send a box of #tampons to our local pantry for women who can't afford them. #rhony @bravotv. Let get crazy supportive of women! @foodbank4nyc @foodbank_prez #rhonymarathon

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“I hope [Bethenny] rubs her success in jills face lol,” one person wrote, tagging Kelly in the tweet, to which Bensimon replied, “Why do you think like that? Wish the best for everyone. Jill Zarin is increds! #RHONYmarathon. Donate tampons to your local pantry.”

In case you are wondering why Kelly Bensimon keeps talking about tampons; she’s working to get tampons to women in need and this could be why she wants her Twitter followers to donate tampons to women in need. It seems like an odd way to incorporate charitable work into her social media posts, but she does have a large platform that could result in change.

“Let’s get ‘crazy and scary’ and send a box of #tampons to our local pantry for women who can’t afford them. #RHONY Bravo. Let get crazy supportive of women!” Kelly Bensimon revealed on Twitter.

What do you think of Kelly Bensimon’s claims that Bravo made a mistake with her and almost cost her the ability to care for her two daughters?

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