Johnny Depp Impersonators: How To Look Like Jack Sparrow [Videos]

Johnny Depp has an amazing look as Jack Sparrow. Now, there is a cosplay tutorial video to help fans capture Depp’s sexy Captain Sparrow look.

Johnny Depp is beautifully replicated by Alyson Tabbitha, who, as viewers can see in the video below, has been transformed quite convincingly into the beloved Jack Sparrow. Once Alyson proves that it can be done, she takes the reader step by step through her make-up process, using ordinary cosmetics and some artificial facial hair to bring the look to life.

Even Captain Jack Sparrow’s hair is replicated by Alyson Tabbitha, who created her own Captain Jack Sparrow wig from both synthetic hair and some of her own natural locks. The transformation is quite amazing.

Johnny Depp himself goes through huge transformations as well to become his various characters. Would Johnny be flattered by this painstaking effort to become Jack Sparrow? Even Johnny would likely be amazed at these results.

The Jack Sparrow wig starts out as a basic long dark brown wig. Alyson Tabbitha shows viewers exactly how to make their own Captain Jack Sparrow wig, which is very similar to the wig Johnny Depp uses on screen, in the very detailed video below.

Now, Johnny Depp fans can enjoy dressing up as Jack Sparrow for fun and perhaps even profit. Imagine performing at children’s birthday parties, renaissance festivals, or for small stage productions. One hardly has to wait for Halloween.

Imagine being Jack Sparrow and just walking down the streets of hometown USA, taking in the sights and going with the flow. Now, anyone can be the famous Pirates of the Caribbean character.

For even more information on how fans can become Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, or other Depp characters, see Alison Tabbitha’s YouTube channel. There are more amazing transformations and details on how to make all the various costumes as well.

Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow and Hollywood Vampires member
Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow and Hollywood Vampires member [Image by Matt Sayles/AP Images]

Becoming Jack Sparrow is a web page dedicated to costuming for Johnny Depp impersonators and costuming enthusiasts. Becoming Captain Jack Sparrow offers the following information about obtaining the coins the Captain wears in his hair.

“In reality, the coin used in the movie is a Burmese 5 pya coin from the mid 20th century, and the beads are African trade beads. Several vendors have offered versions of Jack’s piece of eight over the years, including a cheap plastic version from the now defunct Master Replicas. These can still be found on eBay and Amazon.”

Johnny Depp’s own make-up designer, Joel Harlow, has transformed Johnny Depp into Jack Sparrow, Tonto, the Mad Hatter, and infamous mobster Whitey Bulger. According to Deadline. Harlow revealed a few tips about Depp’s transformation into Whitey Bulger.

“Typically when we start a project, especially when we start an extreme transformation, we talk about what elements make-up wise we want to bring to the character. Initially, he wanted to look exactly like (James) ‘Whitey’ Bulger. So we did five different tests.”

Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradas at the Golden Globes showing off his off beat flair for fashion by wearing a top hat
Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradas showing off their own flashion flair at the Golden Globes years ago [Image by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images]

Johnny Depp’s own make-up starts with full facial prosthetics, and he then removes those that are unnecessary, as Joel Harlow revealed to Deadline. Harlow revealed that it was Johnny who decided to change the eye color.

How Does Johnny Depp feel about make-up and prosthetics that transform him into Jack Sparrow, the Mad Hatter, and even Whitey Bulger? Johnny loves to work that way, according to Joel Harlow.

“Johnny is very much an advocate of make-up and finding the character in any way he can whether it is costume, props or make-up.”


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Jack Sparrow fans who would love to have the Johnny Depp experience of Captain Sparrow can look just like Jack with these make-up and wig-making techniques. Enjoy getting in on the act with these tips and trade secrets.

Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow is a striking look, but one anyone can obtain with a bit of work and some make-up.

[Featured Image by Eric Charbonneau/Invision/AP Images]