Michael Phelps Jury Duty Ruckus! Olympian Shows Up, Causes Scene

michael phelps jury duty

Olympic medalist Michael Phelps caused a jury duty ruckus this week in Baltimore, because what’s sexier than commitment to civic duty?

The Phelps jury duty ruckus went down in Baltimore, and a bunch of good citizens who believed they were on their way to do a chore only a slight smidgen more pleasurable than getting a root canal were in for an exciting treat as well as a good story to tell at Thanksgiving celebrations.

The Phelps jury duty ruckus follows the Olympian winning the Golden Goggles award for Male Athlete of the Year, but the honor doesn’t seem to have gone to Phelps’ head — as he reported just like everyone else to serve at the courthouse in Baltimore.

But it was then that the Michael Phelps jury duty ruckus ensued — and it wasn’t just potential jurors getting in on the fracas.

Maj. Sam Cogen of the local sheriff’s department told the Baltimore Sun that even the cops were starstruck and probably looking to Facebook the private and secret court proceedings because oh my God it’s Michael Phelps pass me my iPhoneand hold this billy club, would ya?

“People were using their cell phones [to take pictures], bothering him — including police … We had to intervene and do a general announcement reminding people about conduct in the courthouse.”

While the Michael Phelps jury duty ruckus may seem to be to be expected when a celeb tries to fulfill the civic duty, it in actuality highlights an important and egalitarian part of our great judicial system. A-lister or Walmart employee, we are all equally bound as Americans to serve when summoned.

Michael Phelps

Angelita Plemmer, a spokeswoman for the judiciary, confirmed to the Sun that regardless of star-status, celebs are no more exempt than you or I when the summons arrives:

“It’s their civic duty to serve, just like anyone else … For members of the public, it might be a surprise to see someone that’s famous, but as far as court personnel, it’s business as usual.”

Alas, due to the nature of the proceedings, no pictures of the Michael Phelps jury duty ruckus are available — but the incident does also lend the dreary public service chore some cool factor!