Drinking Wine Before Bed Could Actually Help You Lose Weight

Drinking alcohol is usually associated with weight gain, but wine has given us a sneaky loophole. According to two recent studies by Harvard Medical School and Washington State University, drinking just two glasses of wine before bed can help prevent obesity.

The 13-year Harvard University study showed that women who consumed two glasses of red wine per day had a 70 percent reduced risk of obesity compared to non-drinkers. In addition, the Washington State University study showed that wine has properties that transform “white fat” into “beige fat,” which can be easily burnt off.

White fat, according to Pam Peeke, MD, is composed of a “single lipid droplet” and contains less mitochondria and blood vessels, which is why it appears to be light yellow or white in color. White fat is the predominant form of fat in the body – it provides the largest energy reserve in the body, it acts as a thermal insulator and a cushion for our internal organs, and it produces leptin and one form of estrogen, in addition to other functions.

Beige fat, however, is a mix of brown and white fat and it is produced when we exercise.

Thanks to a polyphenol called Resveratrol, red wine has the power to fight obesity and diabetes. Since red wine is abundant in resveratrol, indulging in a glass or two before bed is not only relaxing but healthy as well.

According to an Arizona State University study, resveratrol has the ability to suppress appetite, which means you’ll be less likely to rummage around the kitchen late at night.

Real stories

In support of this theory, a few women reached out to Daily Mail explaining how wine has helped them lose weight.

One woman, 47-year-old Linda Monk, claims to have lost six pounds within three weeks from drinking one glass of full-bodied wine per night.

“The wine curbs my sugar cravings,” Monk told Daily Mail.“My long-held desire to snack on sweets, biscuits and chocolate after my dinner has disappeared and the relaxing effect of the alcohol makes me feel that, despite cutting back, I’m not being hard done by.”

According to the article, Monk is following a diet plan from Timothy Ferriss’ book, “4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide To Rapid Weight Loss, Incredible Sex and Becoming Superhuman.”

“I couldn’t stand to go on a hideous deprivation regime that I knew I couldn’t stick at,’ Monk continued.

An average meal for Linda includes scrambled eggs for breakfast, chicken salad for lunch, and chili con carne without rice for dinner, accompanied by a glass of red wine.

“I’ve never drunk to excess, but alcohol has always been an integral part of my life. In my 20s, I lived in Greece, where the Mediterranean culture meant we drank wine every day. My weight was a stable 10st (140 lbs) then. I couldn’t imagine not being able to treat myself or giving up my social life for weeks on end just to lose weight.”

Samantha Merrit, 40, also credits the glass or two of wine she has before bed for helping her lose a pound and a half.

“I’ve swapped fast food for balanced, home-made meals to enjoy with my glass of wine. I no longer have cravings for crisps and chocolate. I’ve found wine curbs my appetite after my main course and quenches any desire for pudding,” Merrit told Daily Mail.

“When I was eating badly, my weight crept up to 11st (154 lbs) and I was a size 14. I didn’t like my wobbly stomach and bottom, but didn’t have the willpower to resist my favorite treats,” Merrit continued. “Now, I can happily say no to a dessert and I treat myself to a glass or two around four nights a week.”

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