WWE News: Will WWE Punish Paige, Xavier Woods For Sex Video?

A huge scandal broke in the WWE this week when a Paige sex video leaked on the internet, including a number of illicit photos. The videos in question also included former WWE superstar Brad Maddox and current superstar Xavier Woods. According to insider Dave Meltzer, there will be no punishment for the Paige sex videos and photos at this time by the WWE.

That was made clear when the WWE even poked fun at the entire situation on Monday Night Raw this week in a New Day promo featuring Xavier Woods, where they hinted that Xavier might have something that he needed to say.

The good news for Paige and Xavier Woods is that there is so much going on in the world today that this sex video leak will probably become old news much quicker than it would have in the past. As long as it doesn’t become a major distraction, there is little reason to believe that the WWE will do anything about it.

A perfect example came back in 2015 when Seth Rollins was involved in a leak as well. Rollins, who was married at the time, had graphic photos leaked of him and an NXT Diva he was having an affair with at the time. Nothing was done, and Rollins continued to enjoy success as the world champion.

Just last month, Tom Phillips was involved in a leaked online sex scandal and he still remains a part of the WWE with no real punishment handed down by the company. With those setting the precedence, it seems the WWE isn’t punishing superstars for the leaks.

WWE News: Will WWE Punish Paige, Xavier Woods For Sex Video?
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The one thing that could hurt anyone in this situation comes when Paige used the actual NXT women’s title as a prop during one of the leaked sex videos. Since the actual property of the WWE was part of the video, it could cause problems for Paige in the future.

Paige has been out of the WWE since last August, first serving two different suspensions and then recovering from injuries. Paige underwent surgery to fix a problem in her neck, against the recommendations of the WWE, and is not scheduled to return anytime soon.

While that could help her avoid excess punishment for the Paige sex video leaks, there is another problem here. The WWE is co-producing a movie alongside Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson about the life of Paige and her family and her journey to the WWE. If the leaked videos don’t stop soon, it could hurt the production of that movie.

WWE News: Will WWE Punish Paige, Xavier Woods For Sex Video?
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That might be easier said that done. For her part, Paige publicly admitted on Twitter that the photos were stolen from her and published without her consent. Her mother, a professional wrestling promoter from the U.K., also said that the family had contacted an attorney and are considering legal action.

Lucky for Paige, her fiance Alberto El Patron, has stated that he is pulling out of upcoming shows in order to remain at home with Paige. Rumors have indicated that many people are worried about her mental state after the leaked sex videos and it is important for Alberto to remain by her side supporting her.

The leaked Paige sex videos were from a few years ago, which was clear considering the NXT title she used. Paige, Xavier Woods, and Brad Maddox were all in NXT around the same time, and it is clear that it was at that time that the videos were made.

Xavier Woods has become a huge star and is one-third of the New Day faction that broke the record for the longest reign ever in the WWE as tag team champions. They will not wrestle at WrestleMania 33 but will serve as hosts of the show.

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