Dorit Kemsley Questioning Friendship With Lisa Vanderpump After ‘RHOBH’ Episode?

Dorit Kemsley is one of the newest housewives to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and she’s learning that she can’t be too open with her fellow housewives, as they will use just about anything against her. Kemsley wanted to fit in with the ladies, so she invited Lisa Rinna to a dinner party, where she opened up about her feelings in regards to the ladies. During this dinner, Dorit criticized Eileen Davidson for not sharing the news that her mother had passed away before they filmed the reunion special last year.

This was a shocking statement, as Dorit wasn’t around last year and Lisa immediately thought that Kemsley was only saying such things because Lisa Vanderpump had been talking to her and expressing her frustrations. If that wasn’t odd enough, Rinna also questioned why everyone left the table at one point. She questioned whether Dorit was doing cocaine and she confronted her during a boat ride in Hong Kong.

According to a new tweet, Dorit Kemsley is now revealing that she doesn’t understand why Lisa Vanderpump sat silently during the accusation. Of course, many of the ladies spoke out immediately, saying that the question was downright ridiculous. However, Vanderpump could have said or done something to settle the drama immediately.

“So Rinna, Eileen, & Erika can all go at Dorit Kemsley, but Lisa Vanderpump can’t step in to say something? #RHOBH,” one person questioned after watching Tuesday’s episode of the show, to which Dorit added, “My thoughts exactly.”

She was confronted by fans of the show immediately on Twitter, asking why she didn’t defend Dorit Kemsley when she was facing such criticism and accusations. But it sounds like Lisa felt that Dorit could handle herself.

“When did I think it was hilarious? Watch again, anyway to me honestly it would have been no big deal, Dorit had no mal-intent,” Lisa Vanderpump wrote on Twitter after the episode aired, defending her decision not to chime in and defend Dorit during the confrontation.

“[So] happy to see you do the right thing (again) when no one else would say anything….except for trainwreck Rinna,” one follower wrote to Lisa, while another added, “Ok, granted. My interpretation incorrect. Wasn’t trying to be nasty. Shows aired weeks ago. Been engulfed by national drama.”

Maybe Kemsley understands Vanderpump’s position, as she does see herself as a strong woman. And Kemsley has revealed that she’s never done anything harsh or mean on purpose to rattle her co-stars. She even addressed Erika Girardi’s comments about her, as she was called fake and mean. This entire ordeal started when Dorit Kemsley made a joke, which wasn’t taken as a joke by Erika. Now, their friendship may never be saved.

“Regarding the small little remark I made to Erika, it was meant to be a joke. Erika can be nice and does compliment me. As I said, I like to banter with people as I do with Lisa V and Kyle and my darling PK, of course. At Lisa V’s house the next day, I really wanted to connect with Erika, and get to know the side of her that I hadn’t experienced much with her- the fun, joking, softer side of her, which I know she has! I definitely got to see a different side of her that I haven’t seen before when I saw her go back to her hometown,” Dorit Kemsley explained in her blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, according to Bravo.

What do you think of Dorit Kemsley’s comments about Vanderpump? Do you think she is calculated or do you think she’s just naive when it comes to some of the ladies?

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