Erica Dixon Of 'Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta' Arrested After Evading DUI Capture

Jonathan Brown

Drama still appears to be the name of the game for former Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Erica Dixon, as proven by her most recent arrest -- and the hidden cameras that captured every moment.

TMZ is reporting that the television personality, who was attached to the VH1 reality series until its fourth season in 2015, was first pulled over by Atlanta police on March 22 for speeding. During the confrontation, Dixon seemed to relent to her wrongdoing at first and was handed a ticket by a law enforcement officer, which she willingly accepted before continuing on her way.

Unbeknownst to Dixon, however, the on-scene police mistook her driving off for defiance and gave chase, causing Erica to become enraged and ultimately unleash her anger on the arresting officers.

Following a jump cut, we then see a cop car speeding seemingly toward Dixon's vehicle, ultimately pulling up beside it at a nearby gas station.

"Step out of the vehicle," an approaching officer demands, but Dixon refuses to adhere to his demand.

Other officers are then witnessed confronting Erica inside of her black car and trying to physically remove the defiant woman from the driver's seat, also to no avail.

"It takes five men to pull me out of a car," the still-seated Erica is heard inquiring as she finally begins to make a move to step outside of her vehicle.

"This is ridiculous! What am I under arrest for?"

Segments of the incident can be seen below.

"When asked to perform a field sobriety test," the TMZ report adds, "Erica refused."

Instead of immediately arresting Dixon, the trooper claimed to have allowed Erica to call for a ride, which she also declined to do, and instead decided to drive off.

"She fled and was ultimately arrested," TMZ concluded.

Erica has yet to publicly comment on the matter, but a telling Instagram video from Lil' Scrappy, the father of her daughter, Imani, that was posted on the same day that Dixon's arrest came to light, appears to take a shot at the troubling instance.

As the International Business Times relayed, Scrappy is seen driving by the Dekalb County Jail, where he was once housed for drug possession, and declares that he'll never be behind bars again.

"I used to be in this jail," the rapper explains as he makes his way past the criminal institution, "[and] I'm trying not to go there no more."

"[In fact], I ain't going back there, ya dig?"

For example, in June, 2014, music producer Stevie J., who also is featured on the Atlanta spin-off, was picked up at his rented mansion in the city for failing to pay more than $1 million in back child support to Carol Antoinette Bennett, the mother of two of his six children. The matter came to a head in 2016 when, according to a New York Daily News report, Stevie (born Steven Jordan), pleaded guilty to his crime and was officially ordered to make restitution.

An interview with Straight From The A one year before Erica Dixon's recent arrest noted that the starlet was "at peace" following her dismissal from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Show creator Mona Scott-Young has yet to comment.

[Featured Image by VH1/Monami Entertainment]