Tim Tebow Is America’s Dream Thanksgiving Guest

Tim Tebow Is America's Dream Thanksgiving Guest

Tim Tebow is the most popular Thanksgiving dinner guest in America, according to a new survey.

A Nielsen “Destination America” poll asked Americans who they’d most like to have dinner with on Turkey Day, and Tebow was, at least in this case, first choice. The Jets quarterback was chosen by 23 percent of respondents, and edged out challenges from Big Bird and Lady Gaga.

Tebow, Big Bird, and Gaga all polled ahead of a man with form in winning votes: in this survey, President Barack Obama was chosen by only five percent of participants.

Alas, Tebow might be double-booked for your Thanksgiving meal. The football star is required (well, possibly) by the Jets on Thursday, with the New York team set to play their AFC East rivals, the Patriots, in the third and final football game of the day.

Some other stats fluff that came from Nielsen’s Thanksgiving survey includes:

– 44% voted for Pumpkin as their favorite pie
– 41% called Thanksgiving a “stress-free holiday”
– 64% of men said they were most looking forward to watching football on TV, with 43% of women preferring the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

Would Tim Tebow be your perfect Thanksgiving dinner guest? If not, who would you most like to attend your dream Thanksgiving meal? Let us know in the comments!