Matador Anally Impaled By Bull’s 11-Inch Horn In Shocking Accident [Video]

Bullfighting and danger often go hand-in-hand as one unfortunate matador realized this week after he was impaled in a gruesome accident.

Professional bullfighter Antonio Romero found himself going up against a particularly nasty bull this past Monday in Mexico City, as noted by The New York Post, when an attempt to pivot away from the charging animal while using his “muleta” — the red cloth employed by most matadors to goad bulls toward them — went awry and led to the animal taking advantage of an opening between Romero’s body and the flowing piece of fabric.


“Romero [then] stumbled back in an effort to avoid the bull’s deadly horns,” the Post further explains of the accident, “[but] the animal threw off the muleta and hones in on its helpless target. “

After first pushing around the fallen Romero with its head, the bull reared back and charged again, this time, goring the matador right in his anal cavity. Several men are then seen coming to his aid, properly taming the bull as Romero is carried out of the ring.

The entire mishap can be seen below. Please be advised that the following visual contains strong imagery.

The injured Romero was reportedly rushed to a nearby hospital immediately after the accident, where doctors surmised that at least 11 inches of the bull’s horn had managed to find its way inside of the matador’s body.

“[The accident caused] a very serious lesion in [Romero’s] anal region,” one of the bullfighter’s doctors said of the ordeal, as translates.

“[The horn] completely [destroyed] the anal sphincter and very seriously damaged [his] rectum.”

Just recently, a daredevil from Salamanca, Spain, also found out what it was like to be attacked by a raging bull after he chose to participate in the European country’s annual Charging of the Bulls, as The Sun reported.

matador bull accident
Wannabe matadors and thrill seekers who attend annual bull-themed events often end up in hospitals after their "accidentally" impaled. [Image by mmeee/iStock]

The 56-year-old victim, whose name was withheld in the media, was captured by cameras similarly being stabbed in the backside and legs on February 27 by one of the wild beasts, before being tossed around by the animal like a plaything. After several tense moments, a fellow makeshift matador steps on the scene to coax the bull away by pulling at its tail to halt the accident from becoming deathly.

Video of that particular incident can be seen below, and like the aforementioned matador/bull dust-up, it should be viewed with the utmost caution.

The Carnival of the Bulls reveler purportedly incurred “critical” injuries following his man vs. beast confrontation, while eight others received less serious wounds and lacerations.

In July of 2016, professional matador Victor Barrio became the first bullfighter since 1985 to die from injuries he received during a bullfighting event in Aragon, a northeastern Spanish city, as a report from The Telegraph explains.


According to the post, the 29-year-old Barrio, like Romero, was in the midst of swirling around his muleta when Lorenzo, the bull he was antagonizing, gained the upper hand over the trained Barrio and ultimately slid his horn into the bullfighter’s chest.

“The unconscious matador was rushed to a nearby hospital,” The Telegraph noted, “but doctors were unable to save him.”

Barrio left behind a wife, Raquel, who was among the crowd of onlookers who viewed the accident.

Previous to Barrio, the last bullfighter to meet his end while in the ring was Jose Cubero Sanchez, nicknamed “El Yiyo,” after a bull managed to gore him as a final vengeful act over being stabbed with a sword in 1985, the Washington Post shared.

It is not yet known if Romero, the Mexican matador, has been released from the hospital following his bullfighting accident.

[Featured Image by AmadeoAV/iStock]