WWE Rumors: Huge Update On Big Talent Mysteriously Missing From ‘SmackDown Live’

When it comes to the professional wrestling world inside WWE, it isn’t often that one of the great talents goes missing in action unless it is part of a storyline or for a very good reason. Well, one of the top names on SmackDown Live has been missing for the last two weeks, and a few simple explanations have been given as to why, but is there more to it? Finally, there is a bit of an update on top announcer Mauro Ranallo and why he has been absent from WWE television.

Two weeks ago, Mauro Ranallo was noticeably absent from the announcer’s table on SmackDown Live which also saw David Otunga missing. John Bradshaw Layfield and Tom Phillips called the action while Otunga was off filming a movie, which fans were aware of, but where was Ranallo?

The massive winter storm that hit parts of the United States is what was said to have kept him from appearing on TV, but the rest of the announce team still made it. WWE said he would be back the following week and fans expected to see and hear Ranallo a couple of days ago on SmackDown.

wwe rumors mauro ranallo smackdown live missing update
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Once again, Ranallo was not at the announce table when the show began on Tuesday and Phillips let everyone at home know that Ranallo was “sick.” Some wrestling outlets have stated that there is more to the situation at hand, but now, there is an update on his mysterious absence for two shows in a row.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., is reporting that two friends reached out to Dave Meltzer and updated him on Ranallo. The WWE announcer is said to be “okay” and that he is actually just “resting up.”

Meltzer did also state on Wrestling Observer Radio that Ranallo is doing a good deal better, but that speculation remains of much more going on. There is no confirmation as of yet, but it could be related to some of the issues that Ranallo has talked about in the past.

The above tweet regarding the snow was posted on March 14, and that is the last time there has been any activity on his Twitter account. Ranallo is usually quite talkative on social media and it is very strange for him to just go silent, but there could be a good explanation.

ComicBook brought up how Mauro Ranallo has a detailed history of suffering from depression and he has battled it numerous times in the past. He has even talked about it in different interviews and on social media, which leads some to believe it’s what he is dealing with now.

wwe rumors mauro ranallo smackdown live missing update

If it is indeed true that Ranallo is once again battling depression, WWE is likely letting him take some time to recover and rest as his friends said. This also sheds an entirely different light on things and why he didn’t appear at the last two episodes of SmackDown Live.

After missing the first show two weeks ago, former WWE stars Josh Mathews and Taz went on Twitter and ripped into Ranallo for not being at the taping. They spoke of making sure that you always made “the shot” no matter what kind of weather or other issues were standing in your way.

Not much was said this week after he was absent again.

Again, there is no confirmation either way as to why Ranallo has missed the two episodes except for snow and being “sick.” Unless he comes out and says something or WWE parts ways with him, the world may never know.

Fans have truly missed hearing the voice and play-by-play calls of Mauro Ranallo on SmackDown Live for the past two Tuesday nights. While a massive snowstorm and being sick are legitimate reasons for being absent from WWE television, it has been rather odd. Considering he still appears to be on WWE’s payroll, maybe, he simply is going through some troubles and everyone can only hope the best for him.

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