LeBron Names Sir Jack: NBA Star Gives Nickname To 138-Point Scorer

LeBron Names Sir Jack: NBA Star Gives Nickname To 138-Point Scorer

LeBron James names Sir Jack, giving a nickname to the suddenly legendary Division III hoopster who poured in 138 points in a game this week.

Jack Taylor obliterated the college basketball scoring record this week in a game for Grinnell College, scoring 138 points in just 36 minutes of playing time against Faith Baptist Bible. He immediately gained national attention, earning an interview with ESPN and the game’s highlights splashed around countless media outlets.

Jack Taylor’s performance also caught the attention of one of the NBA’s biggest stars, The Associated Press noted. When LeBron James heard about it, he decided the player should now be named Sir Jack.

LeBron even brought up Taylor during his team’s shootaround practice on Wednesday, calling the designated shooter during a defensive drill — one of the Miami Heat’s interns — “Taylor.”

“It’s unbelievable, honestly,” James said of Sir Jack’s performance. “I would like to see the game. I want to see the game.”

After LeBron names the player Sir Jack — a play off of his own nickname, Sir James — the NBA star shares even more praise for the Grinnell player.

“I watched Kobe’s game when he had 81,” James said. “I watched some of the greatest games ever played when guys scored big numbers. There’s two games that I would love to see: One was Wilt, when he had 100, and this kid, I want to see him too. Sir Jack.”

Taylor’s 138 points smashed the previous record by Rio Grande’s Bevo Francis of 113 points, USA Today noted. Though Grinnell’s high-powered offense calls for a multitude of three-pointers, it’s unlikely any player soon will break the record set by Jack Taylor — or as LeBron names him, Sir Jack.