‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sam And Curtis Investigate Julian

General Hospital spoilers for the end of March and start of April promise Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) suspects Julian Jerome (William deVry) may have survived his terrible ordeal at the hands of Liv Jerome (Tonja Walker) and could still be alive. Sam isn’t certain but decides to launch an investigation into her father, and some shocking things emerge on General Hospital.

Can Sam Forgive Julian?

Fresh General Hospital spoilers say on Friday, March 31, Sam decides to investigate Julian’s alleged death. Perhaps Sam is feeling a bit guilty about the things she said to her mom about her dad’s death. Remember when Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn) was fresh off her near death experience with Liv and told Sam she thought Julian had died on General Hospital?

Sam seemed pretty dispassionate and mentioned to her mom that it might be a good thing if Julian was dead since they could enjoy some peace. That General Hospital episode saw Alexis make an uncharacteristic snap at Sam as she reminded her that’s her father she’s talking about. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central say Sam kicks off her search for information and maybe this is why.


Julian Saved Danny…

Let’s also remember that Julian was in hiding as Derek Wells when he first came on General Hospital, and he had no motivation to get tested as a donor for Danny Morgan other than kindness. Then when Julian turned up as a match, he knew why he was a match and made a knowing decision to take the risk to blow up his secret identity to save his grandson on General Hospital.

General Hospital spoilers say Sam might not like it, but she does owe Julian a debt of gratitude. Not only that, Julian took all the heat from Liv for the past year to protect Sam, Alexis, Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) and even Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) whom Julian dislikes and knows Jason hates him. Other General Hospital spoilers reveal Sam wants some closure on the issue of her father.


Sam Needs Help

General Hospital spoilers indicate Jason will soon have his hands full dealing with Friz and the mystery of Jake Webber’s (Hudson West) lingering issues from his captivity with Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers). That leaves Sam with time to fill, and she decides to investigate, but she’s also got a new baby at home, so she needs help. General Hospital spoilers predict she’ll turn to Jason’s new BFF.

General Hospital spoilers share the exciting news that Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) will be Sam’s PI partner in the quest to find out what really happened to Julian and if he’s really dead or not. Curtis has great chemistry with everyone on General Hospital, and it seems he’s finally proven himself to Sam. Remember Sam has been skeptical of Curtis in the past but after he stuck with Jason during the bomb crisis, she’s cool with him.


Julian Alive, Sam Keeps Secrets

Some late breaking General Hospital spoilers also indicate that once Curtis and Sam start digging into Julian’s fate, they immediately begin to suspect Julian is not pushing up daisies but is lying low waiting on his sister to be put away. General Hospital spoilers also say that Sam becomes certain her father is alive but decides not to tell her mom Alexis. Sam may be hoping Julian stays gone even if he’s not dead.

The bad news from General Hospital spoilers is Alexis is mired in grief over Julian’s death and knowing he’s been protecting her for a long time and still loves her. Some fresh General Hospital spoilers for upcoming days say Alexis falls off the wagon and back into boozing because of her sadness. It seems Sam may have to decide whether it’s worth her mom’s sobriety to reveal the truth.

Be sure to keep watching General Hospital every day to see the start of the Curtis and Sam partnership and investigation as revealed by the latest General Hospital spoilers.


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