‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Finn Crashes, Liv Rattles, And Tracy Gloats

The drama continues in Port Charles on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers share that Finn will be struggling, but Hayden will be right by his side, and Sonny will confront Liv and spend some touching moments with Emily Scout. GH teasers reveal that Ned will make an appearance and there’s a bit of Tracy on the way in this March 23 GH show as well.

Liv has already tormented Griffin as she was hauled into court to face her fate, but GH teasers from SheKnows Soaps detail that it is Sonny’s turn next. He will be ready to face off with Olivia, but it sounds as if he might not walk away with much satisfaction from this encounter. It seems that Liv will be expressing her gratitude in some sense, and everybody will be interested in seeing how Liv leaves Port Charles. Actress Tonja Walker has revealed that she’ll be departing soon, with the door seemingly open for a potential return down the road.

General Hospital spoilers note that Finn will be on the verge of hitting rock bottom as he tries to keep his addiction to Zen Zen hidden. GH teasers via the previews detail that he will end up in the shower fully clothed, and Finn will pull Hayden in and hold her close after she pushes him in there. Can Finn find his way back to sobriety, and will Hayden continue to stick by him through these desperate moments? Both Tracy and Hayden have been determined to help Finn, and it sounds as if that will continue despite his repeated attempts to push them away.

Rebecca Herbst plays Elizabeth on 'General Hospital'

Elizabeth and Franco have hit their stride as a couple now, but they are starting to grow concerned about Jake and what he experienced during his missing years with Helena. It seems it will take some time yet for the full truth to emerge on this front, with GH teasers indicating that a trip to Cassadine Island might be coming soon. During Thursday’s episode, General Hospital spoilers note that Elizabeth will share some heartfelt moments with Franco, noting that she’s not sure what they would do without him, and it sounds as if these two will continue to be a pair for the foreseeable future.

Jason is going to open up to Sam about how hurt Carly is by all that has happened, and despite the differences they have shared over the years, Sam will seemingly be quite sympathetic to Carly’s heartache. GH teasers detail that Sonny will spend some time with Jason and Sam’s daughter Emily Scout, holding her and telling her that if she ever finds herself in trouble, she can turn to him for help.

Jane Elliot plays Tracy Quartermaine on 'General Hospital'
Will Tracy really leave Port Charles? [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Ned thought he was ready to commit to Olivia Falconeri, proposing to her to try to hold onto her, but General Hospital spoilers reveal that Tracy will talk with Ned and cackle over how Olivia rejected his proposal. GH teasers also share that Tracy will get a tempting offer of some sort during this next show. There has been quite a bit of talk swirling that actress Jane Elliot might leave the role of Tracy this spring when her contract expires, and some wonder if this upcoming offer might pave the way for that exit.

GH teasers indicate that additional upcoming tidbits include Maxie heading out of town for a job as actress Kirsten Storms takes a leave of absence for a bit. Meanwhile, Sonny will throw out an ultimatum to Carly saying that she needs to either file for divorce or forgive him for what happened with Nelle. Buzz has been swirling that both of these characters might end up in new relationships soon, but “CarSon” fans aren’t giving up yet, despite Soap Central detailing that he will be feeling quite down as the week concludes.

What will Elizabeth and Franco learn about Jake’s past with Helena? Can Finn pull himself together, and what comes next for Tracy? GH teasers hint that there’s plenty more drama ahead involving Liv, CarSon, and others in Port Charles, and the latest General Hospital spoilers hint that there are juicy moments on the way that fans will not want to miss.

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