Animal Adventure Park Update: April’s Calf Is Bigger Than You Might Think

The latest Animal Adventure Park update is pretty incredible because it is simply hard to believe! The zoo has confirmed just about how big April the giraffe’s calf is — and to think that she’s carrying him or her around in her belly is just mind boggling! However, the reason that April is so big is what really surprised us!

As the world watches and waits for April to go into labor (can you believe she still hasn’t?), Animal Adventure Park has been giving consistent updates and letting everyone know that their internet star is well on her way to birthing her fourth calf.

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The morning update from Animal Adventure Park was a bit more of the same: April’s belly is significantly larger than it was last week, she is moving a lot slower than normal, and her wax caps haven’t fallen off yet. We’re willing to bet that you know more about giraffes now than you ever did before. Are we right?

For the millions of people that have watched April on the live giraffe cam day after day, these updates have been a great way to keep up with April and her baby, but people are anxiously awaiting to hear the big news: That April the giraffe is (finally) in labor!

“April was [notably] slower moving this morning at breakfast. Wax caps are still present, and her back end swell (as you can see) continues to be significant. Belly growth from last week to this week is still mind blowing,” Animal Adventure Park posted on Facebook.

But that’s not all that Animal Adventure Park gave us today. Their very next sentence was something that some fans didn’t know. April’s calf? Is 6 feet tall and weighs 150 pounds! Although she is a very large animal, that is still one giant baby to be carrying around all day! No wonder she is getting more tired lately!

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, April the giraffe is getting ready to go into labor, and she is showcasing all kinds of signs that she is ready to welcome her calf. For starters, those wax caps that you keep reading about are thinning. The caps cover the udders but usually fall off as the udders fill with milk. This prepares the giraffe’s body to nurse. Sometimes the wax caps don’t fall off completely but will instead be removed by the nursing newborn — this is perfectly normal and nothing to be concerned about.

Animal Adventure Park keeps mentioning April’s belly size and the calf’s movement — and that is important too! As April’s body prepares for labor, the calf will move into a birthing position, so he or she will be lined up with the birth canal.

April’s overall attitude is also something that zookeepers are watching. The more “cranky” and “moody” she becomes, the closer she may be to going into labor. Another sign that labor is not too far away is a loss of appetite. While April is still eating, she seems to be eating less these days, so her calf could be born any day now!

Have you been watching April the giraffe day in and day out? Do you have any predictions about when she might go into labor? What is your best birthday guess for Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe calf-to-be? Let us know in the comments section below!

Also, check out April and her mate Oliver on the Animal Adventure Park webcam below!

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