Khalid Masood: London Attacker From Kent Identified By British Police [Graphic]

The London attacker has been named by Metropolitan Police Service as 52-year-old Khalid Masood. According to Google’s Hot Trends list, the name “Khalid Masood” has received more than 50,000 searches from people querying his name on Thursday, March 23. As reported by the Inquisitr via the below tweet, Abu Izzadeen was initially incorrectly named by some folks online as the London attacker. However, reports that Izzadeen was still in prison quickly followed the initial erroneous rumors.


Masood was a native of England with a 20-year police record, according to the New York Times. Khalid recently lived in the city of Birmingham, as reported by the publication. The British-born Khalid has been identified, according to NBC News, as the man who used a car to plow down people on Westminster Bridge and used a knife to kill three people. One of those people was an American tourist, one was a police officer, and the other was a Spanish teacher. More than 29 others suffered injuries. Masood was known as a man who had been investigated for his “violent extremism” and viewpoints.


Photos of Khalid can be seen below, and the most popular photo of Masood being shown being that of Khalid on his back, being attended to by medical personnel.

Warning: The photo below of Masood is graphic and could be disturbing.


Masood was born in Kent, England, which is south of London, according to BBC News. Khalid also was not under any ongoing investigation by police at the time he committed the terrorist crimes, even though police were well aware of Khalid’s prior infractions. Masood’s previous criminal history did not include any convictions for terrorist activities. Khalid did have previous assault charges.

Khalid rented the vehicle he would end up using as a weapon to run over people from a car rental location in Birmingham, England, where Masood had been living. His most recent conviction had been for possession of a knife.

Masood was only one of the names Khalid used, according to USA Today. Masood had a few aliases. Police did not see indications that Masood was about to commit such a heinous terrorist attack.

Eventually, the UK parliament attacker was shot dead, as reported by Reuters. MI5 intelligence officers once investigated Khalid, but they did not predict the horrifying attack in London on Wednesday. Masood used his rented car to drive onto the sidewalk on Westminster Bridge and later killed an unarmed police officer who was guarding Carriage Gates.

Masood also recently lived, according to The Independent, in the West Midlands. Neighbors called Khalid a calm and reserved person.

Khalid was born on Christmas Day 1964, as reported by The Guardian, and fooled neighbors into thinking he was a calm man who belonged to a “very reserved family,” much unlike the man who plowed his rented Hyundai into dozens of people on Westminster Bridge, causing at least one woman to end up in the Thames River.

One of Khalid’s fake names used was Khalid Choudri, according to The Sun.

The top photo above shows the house in Quayside where Masood lived, in Birmingham England.

Reactions to Masood online can be read below.

: “‘Khalid Masood’ is the name of the London terrorist. Hm, now guess which peaceful & loving, for lack of a better word, ‘religion’ he is from.”

Zamaan Mustapha wrote: “What Khalid Masood did was a heinous crime and murder. No question about it. He has very bad criminal history of causing GBH, firearm related violence and the such. It appears from his criminal history that this man is capable of committing any crime; should be dealt with in the most withering terms. But to penalise the Muslim community or profiling them is rather perverse. I am a Muslim but I do not know who Khalid Masood is neither do I know the Quebec killer. Do not ask me if I condemn or condone these murders. Murder in any sort has no place in humanity and my religion. I condemn the murders committed by individuals and governments in the name of democracy.”

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