Is Film Producer Randall Emmett ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent’s Sugar Daddy?

The hints and tips have been out there for a while that hint that the “sugar daddy” of Vanderpump Rules Lala Kent is thought to be film producer Randall Emmett, whose wife Ambyr Childers bears a striking resemblance to Lala, suggesting that if this rumor is true, it seems that Randall Emmett must have a type. So what tips and hints point to Emmett being the guy behind the generous Range Rover gift?

Many fans have wondered that if Vanderpup Rules’ Lala Kent is in a relationship with someone who gives her cars, and rides on his jet, then why isn’t she with him, and why is she off on trips with her co-star James Kennedy to Las Vegas to DJ, according to the Inquisitr? Well, if Lala Kent’s boyfriend is Randall Emmett, it’s because he is married, and has a child with his wife, Ambyr Childers. Last year, Lala Kent was at the airport with James Kennedy when he was removed from a flight for being drunk, and while Kennedy’s girlfriend Raquel was with them, Kent was alone.

So, while there is no 100 percent proof that the former Vanderpump Rules plus one is not canoodling with married producer Randall Emmett, there are some mounting hints that this is the best name at the moment to consider. Two cast members of Vanderpump Rules have taken to social media to use the name Randall, suggesting that someone with the name Randall has at least had his people reach out to them, asking them to keep the relationship or agreement on the down low.


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Vanderpump Rules cast members Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder have both tweeted the names “Randall” in connection with Lala Kent. Both Kristen and Stassi have called Lala out for being a “home-wrecker” for dating a married man. Stassi tweeted first, suggesting that Lala is desperate for attention.

“When you’re desperate & not captivating enough on your own” … “[Lala Kent] give Randall a huge from all of us you fat shamed.”

Next, Kristen tweeted, calling out to Lala that she needs to tell her boyfriend Randall’s people to stop calling hers.

“Dear Lala, Speaking of ‘teams,’ tell Randall to stop calling ours. Xoxo, Kristen.”

But Lala Kent would not back down and continues to tweet back at both of the Vanderpump Rules stars. Both Kristen and Stassi have said that before they could spend time in the presence of Lala and her secret plus one, they were asked to sign a “non-disclosure agreement.”

Hollywood Gossip piles on to the Randall rumor, suggesting that Randall Emmett is top in the running to be the “middle-aged man giving Range Rovers as gifts.” But the identity of Lala Kent’s mystery lover has been the biggest question on the set and the series of Vanderpump Rules this season, and the amateur sleuths have been hard at it online. Cast members have also suggested that while Randall Emmett has not appeared on Vanderpump Rules, he has popped by Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants. So the sleuths broke down the case for Randall Emmett being the guy who puts Lala Kent on private jets so that she doesn’t have to fly those dreaded commercial flights.

“Emmett, 45, is indeed married (to actress Ambyr Childers) with whom he has a child, and he is very well-off. That means he certainly fits the bill in terms of what we already know about Lala’s rumored sugar daddy.”

Lala Kent at one point had posted a photo of her kissing the face of a man who was only partially obscured, and after fans had suggested similarities between the man in the photo and Randall Emmett, she took it down. Sources also suggest that the real reason Lala left Vanderpump Rules was to preserve her relationship with the “married man.”

The last hint? It seems that Lala Kent will appear in a Randall Emmett film in a small role coming soon. The part is in a Nicholas Cage movie. But if Randall Emmett is Lala’s secret sugar daddy, then why hasn’t Lala look alike Ambyr Childers, mother of Emmett’s 6-year-old spoken out?

Do you think that Randall Emmett is Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent’s sugar daddy?

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