WWE News: More Of Paige’s Sex Tapes And Photos Leaked As WWE Hopes It Blows Over

There’s some more bad news coming out of the WWE camp: more of Paige’s sex tapes and photos have leaked on the Internet. While previous WWE news reports suggested that Paige won’t be suffering from any disciplinary action as a result of the leak — which is definitely good news — there is some suggestion that these continuous leaks may not be good for the poor girl’s mental health. Her father has already come out to denounce the “hackers” and their attempts to ruin his daughter’s life. Now, it looks like he may have to up the ante, since they seem to be bound and determined to release even more of her private videos.

All the while, the WWE is hoping this just “blows over.”

In the latest WWE news report from theT Sun, it was confirmed that more of Paige’s sex tapes and nude photos were leaked by the same hackers that released her first round of private tapes and pics. The motive for the hack, and the release, is unclear.

And while it bears repeating that Paige, herself, doesn’t face any disciplinary action from the WWE, the WWE and Paige could both take action against the hackers if they are caught.

But are the WWE really handling this situation as well as they could, or should?

According to the latest WWE news report from The New York Post, a company insider believes that the best way this could be handled is by simply ignoring it and allowing it all to “blow over.”

“WWE might have to wait a little bit longer for Paige’s problems to “blow over,” however. More explicit videos of the star hit the web Wednesday. WWE journalist Dave Meltzer reported Woods’ potential involvement and Paige being the victim of an apparent crime has put the wrestling organization in a difficult spot. “I did hear from WWE, and they didn’t say anything specific, but they’re not going to do anything to anybody … the gist of it is that they’re going to wait for it to blow over … if for some reason it doesn’t, they may have to change. Right now, they’re waiting for it to blow over.”

And, as more victims of the sex tape hack come forward, more WWE superstars — both past and present — are speaking out about the hacks. In a previous WWE news report from theT Inquisitr, Diamond Dallas Page threatened to “b***h slap” the perpetrators when he sees them.

Now, in the latest WWE news report from Wrestling, Inc., former superstar Ryback is speaking out against the hack and the public’s reaction to it, as well.

The outlet spoke to the wrestling legend about a few different things, and one of the first things they brought up was the whole Paige scandal.

“It’s no fault of her own. She did nothing wrong in this entire thing. Xavier Woods did nothing wrong. Everyone can form their opinion on this and that. They’re just human beings having sex and it’s no big deal. I thought WWE played it well with Xavier Woods last night (Monday) and move on from it. It’s what humans do. But it sucks that it had to happen to her.”

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