Celine Dion Sure Doesn’t Act Like A Diva On The Set Of ‘The Voice’

Celine Dion has become the center of diva rumors. It seems shocking that the legendary singer would be accused of acting like a diva since she comes across as down to earth and nice in her interviews.

According to a report via Radar Online, Celine Dion became a major diva when she joined The Voice as a mentor for Gwen Stefani’s team on Monday night’s episode. Sources said that the singer made a lot of demands behind the scenes, most of which weren’t seen in the new episode.

“Celine acted like she was a superstar the moment she walked on set to tape her episodes,” one source told Radar. “She was extremely entitled and was just not friendly or welcoming to the production crew at all!”

According to the alleged insider, The Voice’s backstage crew did their best to accommodate Dion, but she still wasn’t happy. She was reportedly dramatic and rude to the staff.

“She got the royal treatment, and of course, brought an entire entourage of people with her,” the source continued. “She had to do several retakes and complained about everything from her hair and makeup, to the outfit that was chosen for her.”

celine dion diva rumors
Celine Dion reportedly acted like a diva on the set of 'The Voice.' [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

However, on Monday’s night episode, Celine sure didn’t look like a diva. She was her usual goofy self as she gave the contestants some sage advice on performing. According to Jezebel, it’s no surprise that Celine stole the show. Everyone knows about the songstress and her long music career. The Voice editors showed Celine’s emotional behavior whether she was being silly or emotional. She said that she was “stunned” by the talent and then broke into an Elvis Presley impression.

She was particularly struck by JChosen’s talent. She gave the contestant some wildly amazing advice, according to Jezebel.

“I felt you a little bit stuck in your wrong body,” Dion told him. “You have a beautiful body. Or should I say that in French?”

“You cannot be good all the time; you have to be good when it’s time,” she continued. “If you go [singing], ‘Haaaaaaaah,’ and it’s not strong enough, you better go, ‘Oh-ha-oooh-a-wooo-ooh-baby-behbeeey.'”

According to Entertainment Tonight, the so-called diva was very entertaining as she danced and did celebrity impersonations. Gwen Stefani revealed why she chose Celine to be the one to mentor the contestants this season.

“Her music speaks to the world and transcends all these language barriers,” Stefani said. “It’s just incredible to be around someone that’s been able to touch so many people. She really is a phenomenon.”

JChosen was the most nervous to perform his skills in front of Dion and Stefani together.

“The most nerve-wracking thing about this is singing in front of these legends,” he told the camera. “It’s intimidating.”

One tip Dion gave the contestants was captivating the audience. She taught them one of her tricks that show off her famous on stage presence and emotional range.

“Intimidate the crowd,” she told them. “Get close.”

“What I like about The Voice is that I get to be stunned by amazing talents,” Dion said in a solo interview. “This is the new generation, so we really have to take responsibility as mentors to give them some tools.”

She even told the performers to keep their eyes on the audience, even doing a sexy dance to get their focus on her.

“I tried so hard to get undressed for you to look at us!” Dion joked. “But honestly, you did an amazing job.”

The “My Heart Will Go On” singer sure didn’t act like a diva whenever she broke into song or broke into a funny dance routine. She later took to Twitter to share her appreciate for Stefani and her team.


During Gwen’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, she called Celine “the ultimate person that you would want to be on there.”

No diva fits here.

[Featured image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]