Girl Chained To Dresser By Parents Dies In Arkansas

Bentonville, AR – The body of Jersey Bridgeman, the little girl chained to a dresser by her parents, was discovered in a vacant house near her home on Tuesday.

According to FOX News, authorities are currently investigating the murder of the six-year-old girl who disappeared earlier this week. Police located Jersey’s body around 10 minutes after the child was reported missing.

Bentonville Police Chief Jon Simpson explained the girl’s death is being investigated as a homicide. No details about the cause of death or possible suspects have been released as of this writing.

According to 5 News Online, Bentonville police have executed a search warrant on no less than three houses in the area, including Jersey’s home. Although police have collected quite a bit of evidence and interviewed a handful of people, no suspects are currently in custody.

“We’re working on either search warrants or other measures to be able to thoroughly inspect those residences,” Simpson said.

A man who identified himself as Jersey’s grandfather stated that the little girl had been living with her biological mother, DesaRae Bridgeman.

The Washington Post reports that this isn’t the first time Jersey Bridgeman has been the victim of violence. Last year, the little girl’s parents reportedly chained her to a dresser in order to keep her from getting into things around the house.

Court documents revealed that Jersey had been made to sleep on the floor in her parents bedroom. Jana and David Bridgeman pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, permitting abuse of a minor, and endangering the welfare of a minor in June.

“She said that Jana and David chain her to the dresser because she had gotten up and eaten some pies, cereal, and bread,” Rogers Police Detective Larry Taylor. “[The girl] stated that they put a belt around her waist so that she could not get up and get any food.”