Jenelle Evans’ Book: Cover And Release Date Revealed

Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 has been working on a memoir for quite some time, telling her fans that the new tell-all would help them gain insight into her life from childhood to present. The star, who is no stranger to controversy, hopes that this book will sway more fans to “her side” of the story–which may or may not mean trying to sway fans away from her mother Barb Evans who currently has custody of her oldest son, Jace Evans.

The book, she promises, will include never before heard stories about her life growing up with Barb and diary entries from a childhood journal. Jenelle Evans let the Teen Mom 2 audience in on a little bit of her struggles during the Behind the Scenes episode of the Teen Mom 2 season finale special, where she shared with her partner David Eason that her mother, Barb, hardly had time to play games with her.

Jenelle Evans says the book will share more about her, “overbearing mother, erratic siblings, and father who doesn’t seem to care.” In fact, it will be very interesting to hear more about Jenelle’s father, as he is hardly, if ever, mentioned on any Teen Mom 2 episodes.

The book promises to reveal never before seen moments touching on Jenelle and Barb's relationship. [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Radar Online reports that her father walked out Jenelle Evans, Barb, and her siblings when she was just 4-years-old and that Barb has had custody of them ever since.

Robert Evans stated to the online publisher that neither Barb nor his children ever reach out to him, but with allegations of abuse and neglect, it is easy to see why they might pass up the chance to mend fences with him.

Jenelle Evans tweeted that she thought the book might help fans better understand some of her bad girl behavior on the show.

“My book will put into perspective how I was brought up and raised. Gives everyone my point of view. Everyone will understand me now,” she said.

Although some fans doubted that Jenelle Evans would put a book out at all, thanks to her ever flakey behavior and starting several projects she never seems to finish, it is clear that her tell-all Read Between the Lines: From the Diary of a Teenage Mom is a go.

Set for a release date of July 25, 2017, the book also has a cover. However, this cover seems to look almost home made, and isn’t as eye catching or impressive as one would expect from a professional endeavor. Is it possible Jenelle Evans made the cover herself in Photoshop? It certainly doesn’t look like it is out of the realm of possibility, as it appears to simply be a candid “sexy” shot of Jenelle sitting on a dock with the title of the book superimposed above her.

Woman sitting on dock
Jenelle Evans shows off the cover of her tell all book [Image by Jenelle Evans' Instagram]

Let’s hope someone wasn’t paid a ton of money for that.

The book was also set for prerelease yesterday, and Jenelle Evans excitedly tweeted to her fans that they are now able to order a copy on, to have it delivered to their homes once the stock is ready.

Just one day after its preorder announcement, Jenelle Evans’ book is #12 in the category of Motherhood and #32 in the category Actors and Entertainers. includes a blurb about the memoir.

“Jenelle Evans shares the raw emotional stories of her youth that helped shape the woman she has become, all drawn from her childhood diary.

“From her appearances on 16 and Pregnant and then Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans’s life was put on display for all to see, and all to judge. Everyone thinks they know her, but what the audience can’t see runs deeper than what is left on the editing room floor.

“What of Jenelle’s complicated life before her newfound fame? An overbearing mother. Erratic siblings. A father who didn’t seem to care. Though there was no camera to capture those difficult moments, there were, thankfully, a few well-kept diaries. Join Jenelle as she tells her story through the eyes of her troubled youth, taken from her memories that were scrawled across the pages of her own diaries.”

[Featured Image by John Parra/Getty Images]