‘Conan Exiles’ Patch Brings Dyes, Structure Decay, And Partial Server Wipe

Funcom dropped a new Conan Exiles update Thursday full of notable additions and changes to the open-world survival PC game. The big news, however, is a partial wipe to the official servers after a spate of exploits severely impacted the title.

Conan Exiles update 22 (Steam patch notes) is the first major update that adds new features and content to the game since it was released at the end of January. Funcom has previously shared its roadmap for the game and the dye system was one of the first new features expected to hit the game.


An example of the dye system in Conan Exiles.
[Image by Funcom]

The dye system allows players to craft their own colors and apply them to clothing items. The plans are to expand the system to include the ability to color weapons, banners, tapestries, and other items. Still, it will require a bit of work as players will need to collect certain resources. Brimstone makes the color yellow, for example, and plant fiber turns into green dye.

Additionally, players will need to craft a flask mold at the Blacksmith bench. The mold and crystals will then need to be placed into a furnace to make a flask. The flask can then be filled with water and placed in the Firebowl Cauldron along with the dye ingredients to make the dye. The base colors can be made lighter or darker by adding special pigments. Just note that black and white dyes are not available and will be added later.

The lack of weapons in Conan Exiles has been a frequent complaint by players. Update 22 adds eight new weapons: A stone pike, two maces, two warhammers, an iron axe, a new bow, and a new crossbow. Additionally, Funcom has made a pass at rebalancing all the weapons by making weapon damage more relevant to the level at which they are unlocked. This should make late game weapons much stronger than weapons unlocked earlier in the game.

“Our goal is to make progressing to new weapons feel rewarding and more powerful for players and we think these new changes reflect that,” Funcom explained.

Ruin/Decay System

Crafting in Conan Exiles
[Image by Funcom]

Funcom is also turning its attention toward the problem of Conan Exiles players leaving foundations and other structures littered across the Exiled Lands. These abandoned structures result in NPC, creature, and resource spawns becoming blocked. The new decay system will start a timer after players are not around for approximately one hour of in-game time. Once that timer runs out, players that do not own the structures will be able to dismantle them. If a lone building piece is left alone after an additional period of time, it will demolish automatically.

Like other titles in the genre, higher tier structures will have longer decay timers. Additionally, larger structures of connected pieces will have longer decay timers than smaller structures.

The decay timer will be completely reset when players move into range of their building pieces. This means frequently used bases will be less likely to decay than randomly placed items around the world.

Server Wipe and Exploits

[Image by Funcom]

Duplication exploits have been discovered and abused frequently across Conan Exiles official servers over the past few weeks. Funcom has attempted to close these exploits through previous patches and today’s update 22. However, a wipe is still needed.

“With this patch we will be wiping character inventories, storage inventories and all buildings on the official servers. This allows you to keep your progression but removes the aftereffects of several of the exploits and problems that we have identified (and fixed) since launch,” Funcom stated.

“This resets official servers back to a level playing field, which will also give us a wealth of data on the new feat structure and weapon setups. We beg your patience, as always, and thank you for your commitment to our early access journey.”

To help respond and fix future exploits more quickly, Funcom announced an “Exploit Hunter” program is coming soon. This will reward players who help the developer catch cheaters and prevent exploits from becoming so widespread that server wipes become necessary.

[Featured Image by Funcom]