WWE News: Creative Pitches For Seth Rollins Triple H Match At ‘WrestleMania’

A match between Seth Rollins and Triple H has been in the works for almost two years, with plans to pit the two together on the grand stage of WrestleMania. Rollins’ injury in late 2015 kept him out of action for last year’s WrestleMania and Triple H was shifted into the main event with Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Their proposed WrestleMania bout this year was put in jeopardy when Samoa Joe legitimately injured Rollins during Joe’s main roster debut.

There was serious concern backstage over Seth Rollins’ availability for April 2 in the ensuing weeks, and the storyline shifted to portray that uncertainty. Rollins did endure a strenuous rehab, but he was cleared earlier this month and everything portrayed on television was part of the angle. Triple H was inserted into the Mick Foley-Stephanie McMahon saga which then overlapped into Rollins’ return to RAW last week.

Triple H attacked his former protege with Rollins’ own crutch in a move designed to cast even more doubt in fans’ minds that Seth would be able to give it a go in Orlando. Rollins was absent from RAW this past Monday, further selling the effects of Triple H’s actions. But in an in-ring interview with Michael Cole, Triple H would challenge Rollins to sign a Hold Harmless agreement next week to book a non-sanctioned match between the two at WrestleMania.

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The WWE used Dr. Kevin Wilk this past Monday night to explain that the re-aggravation suffered by Seth Rollins would not allow any doctor in the country to clear him to compete in less than two weeks. Again, this was all part of the storyline as Rollins had been cleared several weeks ago (hence the reason for going through with the Triple H attack last week) and it was all part of the hype of an unsanctioned showdown.

If you recall, there was once an idea of booking a Seth Rollins Triple H match at this past January’s Royal Rumble. For one, the WWE was trying to assemble the most star-studded card they could to help fill the Alamodome, but it also would have allowed Triple H to go over in that first match. Ultimately, Seth Rollins would have gotten the upper-hand by winning the culminating match at WrestleMania.

Instead, they went with the story that unfolded, where Samoa Joe was introduced to the main roster, attacking Seth Rollins and aligning with Triple H. That was done to set up a singles match between Rollins and Joe at Fastlane, followed by the Rollins Triple H bout at ‘Mania. That had to be scrapped once Rollins was hurt and Sami Zayn filled the slot at Fastlane.

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Speaking of Samoa Joe, according to the newest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Joe may be involved in the match between Seth Rollins and Triple H next Sunday in Orlando. However, there is also a chance that Mick Foley could even the odds and help Rollins during the match as well. Joe does not have confirmed plans for the show, though there have been discussions about using him in either this match or the fight between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho.

There have been reports suggesting Triple H is building a new iteration of his Evolution stable, and Owens and Joe have been rumored to be two of the key members. We haven’t heard anything concrete about the faction officially forming at WrestleMania, but there has been some speculation.

Mick Foley, of course, was fired as the RAW General Manager this past Monday as a way to write him off television so that he can get hip surgery. However, that surgery isn’t scheduled until the middle of April, so he is available to fill that role and help Seth Rollins in the match with Triple H. There are no rules in a non-sanctioned match so any outside interference would not result in a disqualification.

Keep in mind that neither Joe or Mick are confirmed for the run-ins during Seth Rollins vs. Triple H, but ideas that have been bandied about. Mick was written off last week in a way that wouldn’t be surprising if he isn’t seen in WWE for a while. Also, Sami Zayn believes there’s a chance he could be facing Samoa Joe in their own singles match, but that is unlikely. Still, look for Rollins and Joe to resume their feud one way or another after ‘Mania is over.

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