Bachelor In Paradise 2017 Air Date, Cast Rumors: The Latest

The Bachelor In Paradise 2017 air date has yet to be officially announced, but already ABC and the rumor mill are teasing fans about who and who will not be appearing on the popular summer reality show. Here is what is known, and what is being speculated about, so far.

The Elusive Start Date

So far, ABC has kept silent on a start date for Bachelor in Paradise, leaving fans to speculate. So speculate we will.

As a summer replacement series, it only makes sense that Paradise will run for a few weeks in the summer. Season 1 ran from August 4 – September 8, 2014; Season 2 from August 2 – September 7, 2015, and Season 3 from August 2 – September 6, 2016. That’s a Monday, Sunday, and Tuesday, respectively, the first of each day in August. So, looking at history, and looking at the August 2017 calendar, it makes sense that Paradise will begin the first week in August (August 1 is on a Tuesday this year).

However, Hall of Fame Magazine writer Kimberly Penton says there’s “a chance” that it will begin in July this year – a statement she makes without providing any evidence to back it up.

Until official confirmation comes down from ABC, the Bachelor In Paradise start date will remain something of a mystery.

Will The Bachelor Season 21 Villain Corinne Olympios Be On Paradise?

It seems like every season of every show in The Bachelor franchise produces a villain, and the recently-concluded Season 21 was no exception. Miami businesswoman Corinne Olympios stepped into the villain role with aplomb, bringing her nanny (an adult woman not only has a nanny, but she brought her to The Bachelor!); her fondness for cucumbers, cheese pasta, and naps, and her platinum vagina.

Needless to say, she’d be perfect to mix it up with the Paradise cast. Unfortunately, things are a little more complicated than that.

Rumors started swirling a couple of weeks ago that Olympios was either engaged to be married to, or at the very least, in a relationship with a Miami man whom she’s been dating off-and-on for some time. In fact, some speculated that she was hiding the relationship while she was filming The Bachelor and attempting to woo Nick Viall.

However, none of that is true, Corinne said in a recent interview with Us Weekly.

What is true, however, is that she was spotted at The Bachelor mansion in L.A. recently, according to Us Weekly, stepping out of a limo with Raven Gates and Alexis Waters. This has led to speculation that Corinne may, at the very least, make an appearance on Paradise.

Is Anyone Else Officially Confirmed For Paradise?

Speaking of Raven Gates, she’s actually been confirmed as a contestant on Paradise this season, according to Refinery 29. It’s hardly a secret: she confirmed it right after The Bachelor finished airing on the post-finale special, “After the Final Rose.”

Also confirmed is Bachelorette villain Chad Johnson. Since February, it’s been a known fact that Johnson is going to be stepping into the villain role again on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. As Refinery 29 reported in on February 17, Johnson is officially in.

So that brings to two the number of people who have officially committed to Bachelor In Paradise – Raven and Chad – plus a likely appearance by Corinne Olympios. Other than that, it looks like ABC is keeping the specifics of Season 4, including a possible start date, tightly under wraps until further notice.

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