Sophie Simmons Calls Katey Sagal A Failed Groupie After Tell-All About Dad Gene

Sophie Simmons says her dad Gene’s 1970’s affair with actress Katey Sagal is nobody’s business. In an interview on the Allegedly With Theo Vonn & Matthew Cole podcast, the daughter of Gene Simmons said Sagal’s tell-all memoir about the KISS rocker’s tryst with the up-and-coming actress-singer 43 years ago is a low blow.

“I feel like it’s no one’s business, really,” Sophie said.

“I mean, if Katey wants to write a book about her life, cool — but to write about someone and then have it affect their family, I feel like is a really kind of low place to go to try and sell a book.”

Sophie Simmons didn’t hold back on slamming Sagal for her failed music career.

“You tried to get ahead in music, it didn’t work,” Sophie said. “You played the game and you lost. I’m really sorry. You’re a really talented actress so it worked out.”


Sophie also warned the Married With Children and Sons of Anarchy star that someone from her own past could come out of the woodwork and write a book about her.

“And she should probably look at her own family — I’m just saying — before pointing fingers,” Sophie warned. “Because other people could write books too.”


In her memoir, Grace Notes: My Recollections, Katey Sagal revealed that she met Gene Simmons when she was working as a waitress in a Santa Monica eatery in the early 1970s before KISS was a household name.

“At first, I thought Gene was really weird,” Sagal wrote. “I took him home with me that night because he was quite persuasive, and I like men.”

Sagal credited Simmons for kickstarting her singing career by helping her band to get a contract with Casablanca Records (they were dropped after one album) and hiring her to sing backup vocals on his 1978 solo album. Sagal also alleged that, after an on-and-off affair that lasted several years, she eventually told Simmons she was going to marry Paul Butterfield Blues Band bassist Freddie Beckmeier unless he married her instead.

Gene reportedly laughed at the proposition, so Sagal married Beckmeier in 1977. Katey is currently married to SoA creator Kurt Sutter, while Gene Simmons has been in a 30-year relationship with ex-Playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed (they married in 2011) after boasting that he has slept with nearly 5,000 women over the course of his life.

While Sophie Simmons had harsh words for her dad’s chatty former lover, she told the Allegedly podcast that her parents remain unfazed by Sagal’s tell-all.

“It really doesn’t affect us — we’re so tight as a family,” Sophie explained.

“My parents are so crazy in love. I mean, congrats to the one groupie who thought they got ahead, but apparently didn’t.”

While some fans called Sophie out for slamming Sagal, Simmons later clarified that she didn’t say anything bad about the actress, but that she just thinks it’s “lame to write a chapter about an affair.”


Sophie Simmons also made it clear that the Simmons clan is a happy family unit. Sophie capped off her rant by posting photos of the Simmons family’s outing to the movie theater later that day to see The Power Rangers Movie. The photo shows Sophie standing outside the Regency Village Westwood Theatre in Los Angeles with her parents and brother Nick Simmons. Sophie captioned the photo with: “My family is so amazing.”

While she is all about defending her father these days, in 2015 Sophie Simmons admitted she used to find his behavior to be “crass.”

‘When I was little, I’d think: “Can’t you just be nice?”‘ Sophie told Yahoo Style of her famous dad. “He taught me that there’s being nice and then there’s lying. It’s better to be blunt and un-liked than shade the truth. I appreciate people who are honest.”

Everyone except Katey Sagal, that is.

Take a look at the video below for more on how Sagal met Gene Simmons.

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