Samsung Is So Confident In The Galaxy S8, It Is Offering A 3-Month Refund Policy

The Galaxy S8 is set to be revealed within a few days, and it appears that Samsung is not sparing any expense in ensuring that its next flagship device would be a runaway success. If a recent report from a South Korean publication proves accurate, it appears that Samsung is extremely confident about its upcoming mobile device. So confident, in fact, that it would be offering a three-month refund window for anyone who purchases a Galaxy S8.

This means that customers who opt for Samsung’s upcoming flagship device could have as much as three months to make sure that they are confident in the quality of the upcoming flagship device. According to a report from The Investor, if users are not satisfied with the smartphone, Samsung would be offering a full refund, no questions asked.

This particular return window is pretty unique in the mobile world, which usually sees smartphone makers offer around two weeks of grace period for customers to request a refund. With the Galaxy S8’s reported three-month refund policy, Samsung is distinguishing itself from the pack, showing that it is so confident in its flagship device that it is willing to risk some of its revenue regardless of whether users’ reasons for their refund requests are valid or not.


Ever since the South Korean tech giant’s 2016 flagship, the Galaxy Note 7, fell in flames, Samsung has been in overdrive. Adopting a more assertive stance in the mobile market, the tech giant has managed to gain significant results, such as monopolizing the first batch of Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 mobile processors. The three-month refund policy, if any, is yet another significant move on Samsung’s part to prove to its customers that it is still the firm that millions of users know and respect.

Samsung’s battle with its damaged reputation and questions about the safety of its devices has been going on for a while. Even before news of the Galaxy S8’s three-month refund policy broke, numerous reports have already emerged stating that the South Korean tech giant would be utilizing an extensive eight-point safety check on its mobile devices, according to a CNET report.

It is not just safety that Samsung is focusing on in the Galaxy S8, however, as the tech firm is also expected to debut a series of new features and smart capabilities with the release of the upcoming flagship device. Among these is Bixby, Samsung’s newest A.I.-powered voice assistant, which is created to topple leaders in the industry such as Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana.


Bixby is widely speculated to be one of the most advanced A.I.-driven voice assistants in the mobile market, but rumors are high that Samsung would only be debuting the new feature only with the tech giant’s in-house technology. This means that Bixby, while compatible with numerous apps, would initially work exclusively on Samsung’s ten preloaded applications, such as messaging, the photo gallery and the device’s contact list during the Galaxy S8 launch.

Despite this, however, Injong Rhee, Samsung’s R&D chief, has stated that future updates to Bixby would enable the powerful voice-activated assistant to be utilized with various third-party apps. Overall, constant updates to the upcoming A.I.-driven voice-assistant is crucial to ensuring that the new feature does not go the same path as S-Voice, one of Samsung’s first (and rather unsuccessful) forays into the voice-activated assistant industry.

The Galaxy S8 is set for an official announcement on March 29 during Samsung’s Unboxed Event in New York. Pricing for the Galaxy S8 and its larger sibling, the Galaxy S8+, has not been confirmed by Samsung, though speculations are high that the two devices would be priced at a premium.

[Featured Image by Rick Kern/Getty Images]