Lisa Rinna Too Dramatic For ‘RHOBH’? Viewers Want Her Gone!

Lisa Rinna knows that drama is the way to go when it comes to good ratings. In the past, the top ratings for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have often been for dramatic episodes. And the higher the ratings, the more secure her paycheck is for the show. And if she’s behind some of the drama, Bravo might want to keep her around. At least that appears to be the theory for some housewives, who have no problem spreading the drama and making lots of money. And based on Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it sounds like some people think that Rinna is stirring up trouble for no reason at all.

According to a new set of tweets from viewers, Lisa Rinna might not be the most popular housewife in Beverly Hills these days. During the episode, Lisa was trying to defend herself after she started sharing all of the dirt that Dorit Kemsley had said about Erika Girardi and the panty-gate that began during the first couple of episodes. However, as the episode was ending, Lisa Rinna hinted that Dorit and her husband were doing cocaine during a dinner party.

Viewers were shocked when Lisa made the accusation that Dorit and her husband were doing drugs during a dinner party, where she was left behind at the table. Apparently, someone said that Dorit needed to go freshen up and everyone left the table. But how Lisa Rinna got to the cocaine speculation wasn’t explained on the show. And viewers were shocked, as she was starting drama because she didn’t have any evidence.

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“PLEEEEEASE do not re-sign freaking Rinna next season. Her story? Non-existent. Her interactions with the others? FFWD Lisa Rinna #RHOBH,” one viewer wrote about Lisa, who clearly ruffled some feathers during Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Some people actually thought Lisa Rinna was ruining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and that the show was worse because she was on it.

“I can’t believe they keep her on the show? Why because she is ruining show for me! I feel sick after show,” another viewer shared on Twitter, and a third viewer questioned whether Rinna was really mentally stable, writing, “Wow, definitely something wrong with Rinna. Same w/ ErikaJayne. Used2 like em both but they R scary #meangirl beeyoches.”

The episode ended shortly after she made the accusation, and fans will have to tune in next week to see how the other ladies react to the accusation. Plus, Lisa Rinna might have to explain where the accusation of cocaine comes from. This isn’t the first time that cocaine has been brought up on a Real Housewives show. It was just last year that Dorinda Medley was accused of doing drugs by Sonja Morgan, as she said that “everyone knows” that Dorinda does drugs. She didn’t provide any evidence either, but it helped her case that Bethenny Frankel backed her up. No one seems to be backing Rinna up.

A few Chicks hanging out on a junk boat in Hong Kong.......#RHOBH Tonight! ????????

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“All she does is talk shit. I have a headache every time she is onscreen,” another viewer revealed, adding, “Haha she kept jumping in on conversations, so desperate for attention & camera time.”

“Every time Lisa Rinna feels attacked she goes to the lower level possible to hurt the person That says a lot about her character #RHOBH,” one viewer wrote about Lisa Rinna, while another added, “OMG Lisa Rinna why are you constantly hitting below the belt like that?! Your loose lips are out of control! #RHOBH.”

What do you think of Lisa Rinna’s role on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Do you think she’s stirring up trouble for the sake of the money, or do you think she has proof that Dorit and husband were doing cocaine in their bathroom?

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