Jenelle Evans And MTV: Network Continues To Betray ‘Teen Mom’ Star?

Jenelle Evans has slammed her mother and the MTV network for a long time, and many thought that she was just being rude and arrogant. She had been on Teen Mom 2 for years and she is getting paid a lot of money to share her life. Barbara Evans has taken care of her grandson for yeas and without Barbara, it’s unknown where Jace would be today. So when Jenelle revealed that MTV was trying to make her look bad through editing and her mother was just keeping Jace for money, people didn’t believe her – until this week.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that MTV continues to do and say things that show little respect for the Teen Mom 2 star. On this week’s episode of the show, fans learned that everything Evans had said about the network and her own mother were true. Evans had asked them to stop filming her mother, as she continued to keep Jace because she knows that she has a spot on MTV and they will continue to film her. And that means more money in the bank.

Many people have questioned whether Evans is ready to get custody back of Jace. She has worked very hard to stay clean, go to school, save her money, build a home, and get into a stable relationship. Jenelle continues to remind people that Barbara had promised to sign over rights once again to Jace when she got her life back on track, but she has gone against her promise. And now, an official Teen Mom 2 Twitter account is also questioning whether Jenelle is ready to get Jace back.

“Do you think Jenelle is ready to have custody of Jace? #TeenMom2 – MTV account,” the official Teen Mom 2 account on Twitter wrote back to a follower, which didn’t sit well with Jenelle.

“Why would u respond to someone being so negative towards me?!! You already knew their answer, my god. The drama never ends with MTV,” Jenelle Evans asked on Twitter, sharing that the network would even question whether she’s a good candidate to get her son back.

For months, Jenelle Evans has been fighting to get custody of her son back and it is painful for her to fight as her mother had promised her to give back her son. However, when Barbara was told that Jenelle Evans would stop filming with her, which meant that her money from MTV could be in jeopardy, she told her daughter that she would purposefully keep Jace away from her. In other words, Jace would now be a pawn in their troublesome relationship. And fans are now starting to see how she’s playing dirty to hurt Jenelle Evans and secure her money from MTV.

“I agree Barb is unstable & puts words into Jace’s mouth,” one person wrote after watching this week’s episode of Teen Mom 2, while another person added, “And I don’t like the way she talks in front of Jace. She talk with the cops and don’t give a f**k about Jace feeling in this moment.”

Jenelle is back in court to fight for Jace and she isn’t giving up. She wants Jace at home with his siblings. He has Kaiser as a brother and Ensley as a sister. And rather than live with them, he lives with his grandmother and only sees his siblings once in a while.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ tweets about her mother? Are you surprised that the MTV network doesn’t have Evans’ best interests at heart, given how her mother has treated her throughout the years?

[Featured Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]