WWE News: Matt And Jeff Hardy Could Be Part Of Big Match At 'WrestleMania 33'

The brothers might currently be in Ring of Honor Wrestling, but it is known that Matt and Jeff Hardy could be back with WWE very soon and could make a return on the grandest stage of them all. WrestleMania 33 is a little over a week away, with some top tier matches that will leave the world talking. However, WWE is known for bringing surprises to the event and could do so this year yet again.

The plan for some time for the Hardy brothers has been to bring them back once their short-term deal ended with ROH Wrestling. It is reportedly set to end at the after the Supercard of Honor event, the night before WrestleMania. Basically, once this ends, the Hardy brothers can return to the WWE whenever. Some then naturally assumed that WWE would bring them back on WWE RAW or WWE SmackDown Live.

However, they could return before that. According to Cageside Seats, there is talk of having the Matt and Jeff Hardy return at WrestleMania. This is partially rumored due to WWE SmackDown Live possibly adding their tag team titles to the event, which is really the only title(s) that are not on the show as of now. Jimmy and Jey Uso were lobbying for the titles to be defended on Talking Smack, and it does seem like WWE wants to add them to the show.

Hardy brothers TNA Tag Champs
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Naturally, the Uso's would then take on the Hardy's for those championships at WrestleMania. It is uncertain how long the match would be or if the Hardy brothers would win the championships from Jimmy and Jey Uso. However, having them on the card is certainly a good plan. Some fans might complain despite this, as American Alpha were the former champions that were cheated out of their titles on WWE SmackDown Live this past week.

If nothing else, they deserve a rematch for those titles. It would be odd for another team to get a title match over them, especially when American Alpha is considered to be one of the top teams in the WWE and have a huge fan following. They deserve to be part of WrestleMania over the Hardy brothers despite not being as well known.

American Alpha have worked hard all year, and fans have seen their tremendous work pay off with great matches numerous times since their work together in WWE NXT. The fact that they would be bumped in favor of the Hardy brothers would annoy WWE fans who feel Alpha would deserve the match. Of course, WWE could pull an ROH here and have American Alpha take on the Uso's at WrestleMania, with Jimmy and Jey beating Alpha.

They could then challenge any other team who thinks they could take the titles from them with the Hardy's coming out to accept that very challenge. This would obviously mean that Matt and Jeff Hardy would beat the Usos. It could even set up a huge tag team triple threat over the next number of months if WWE plays things out well.

Hardy brothers in ROH
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The problem that most fans will see from the beginning is that WWE might not be able to use the broken gimmick initially. The reason is due to the ongoing lawsuit over the rights to the broken universe against Impact Wrestling's owner, Anthem Sports and Entertainment. They feel they own the gimmick while Matt Hardy claims to have created it and made it into what it became on his own.

The problem is that Anthem would have to prove, without a doubt, that their creative department created the characters and the overall idea of the broken gimmick. If they can prove Matt Hardy signed away all intellectual property rights, that would help as well. As of now, they cannot prove any of that and have even offered a settlement to Matt Hardy to avoid going to court over the broken universe.

Some took this as Anthem trying to play nice so that no one has to pay a ton of court costs and other legal fees, which is why they were willing to bend on some things asked of Hardy when it comes to the gimmick. Others see this as Anthem being afraid that if things do go to court, they might lose, which is why they're trying to avoid it all costs and hope Hardy is willing to not do it as well. As of now, it does look like this is really just getting started so we should not expect the broken universe to be featured when the Hardy brothers return to WWE initially. However, it could happen down the line once things are settled with Anthem.

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