Cash Me Outside’s Danielle Bregoli Defends Mom After A Nasty Brawl [Video]

Cash Me Outside’s Danielle Bregoli defends mom, Barbara Ann after a nasty brawl was unearthed which shows the latter slapping and hitting her daughter. Instead of opening up as the victim, Dani explains the video of their nasty brawl as an example of “play fighting.” The video surfaced on Tuesday thru WorldStarHipHop by a girl who had an altercation with Barbara Ann. Cash Me Outside’s Danielle Bregoli defends mom following the video release of their nasty brawl.


Cash Me Outside’s Danielle Bregoli defends mom saying the two were just messing around

The 15-year-old star is making headlines again after a leaked video surfaced online which shows mother-and-daughter in a nasty brawl. Mom Barbara Ann was seen attacking Danielle Bregoli and pulling her hair on-camera. It happened when Dani was around 11 or 12-years-old. According to the Cash Me Outside’s Danielle Bregoli, she said that “we [me and my mom] were play fighting on the floor and I hit her too hard so she just kinda’ pushed me to the floor. That’s all that happened. That’s how we fight.”

It is quite an alarming excuse considering it almost reached borderline child abuse. Barbara was seen cursing and calling her daughter a b**** a couple of times in the vid. She was also seen pulling Danielle’s hair and angrily screaming, “You think you’re f***ing tough?”


There has been no mention yet of whether the police or Child Services will be involved in the investigation. Overall, the shocking video might be proof that Barbara Ann may be facing consequences for her actions. However, Cash Me Outside’s Danielle Bregoli defends mom and told TMZ that they were just messing around; hence, it’s no big deal!

The Dr. Phil star had an ambushed interview with the gossip magazine as she was walking around in Beverly Hills, “Am I dead? Am I bruised up? That was nearly three years ago and that was the worst it ever got,” she explained. Well, we just hope that there won’t be any fight like that again.

A family friend revealed that the alarming video was released via WorldStarHipHop by a girl who got kicked out of the house. As a sort of revenge, she uploaded the mother-and-daughter feud online. As further told by TMZ, neither Bregoli nor her mother can remember what exactly started the nasty brawl.

“Cash Me Outside” Danielle Bregoli denies dating Kodak Black

At just 15-years-old, the young star had garnered followers than either of us could have in a lifetime. She teased eight million of her fans after uploading a filtered selfie, which shows a hickey on her neck. That got fans wondering if she is indeed having a fling with rapper Kodak Black. The Instagram sensation addressed the issue previously in Life & Style, saying that she isn’t dating anyone as of the moment.

Yet, the rumors persist after she was featured in his music video for his song, “Everything 1K” wherein we see the viral video star dancing on the hood of a white Rolls Royce and lip-syncing to his song. Although she said that she has “no bae,” Dani admitted that she has a crush on Kodak.

Nevertheless, she set the record straight as she was caught off-guard when someone asked her about her love life. Danielle said, “I’ve never hung out with Kodak Black—ever. He’s 19—g** d***!”

Danielle Bregoli started the famous meme, “Cash Me Outside” after appearing on the Dr. Phil show in September 2016. She starred in an episode which deals with helpless parents and their rowdy teens. During the show, her mother Barbara Ann bared her daughter’s unruly life on camera, saying that she used to steal her credit cards and would run away from home four times in one day. Seeming annoyed by the audience who were laughing at her, Danielle snapped at them, “Catch me outside, how about that?”

But because of her street-style accent, her now-famous catchphrase sounded like, “Cash me ousside, how bow dah?”

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